6 Reasons Why CEOs Should Hire Ghostwriters to Write Their Series of Business eBooks

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Business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to ghostwriters for help writing and publishing books on leadership, management, and finance. It’s clear why they’re doing it: Books can be used as promotional tools to boost both a business and a personal brand, but business leaders don’t have the time to write one on their own. 

What if you don’t want to publish a traditional book? What if you would rather publish a series of short eBooks that your customers and potential business partners can easily download and use to learn more about you and your company? eBooks are perfect tools for content marketing and establishing your company as a leader in your industry. Best of all, they can later be repurposed into a full-length regular book. They can serve as a wonderful stepping stone into the world of publishing without the massive temporal, monetary, and emotional investment required by a traditional book. At the same time, eBooks offer many of the same benefits.

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Let’s explore the benefits of book series and eBooks and see why hiring a ghostwriter is the smart choice. 

1. A series of books is more versatile than a single book 

There’s no doubt that writing a series of short books rather than a single, longer book is much more demanding since all the installments in a series need to work together as well as individually, and you need more material to fill them all up. Each one should center on a different topic, so you need to dive deeper into every one of them. 

So, why would a business owner or a CEO hire a ghostwriter to write an entire series rather than a single book? A series can include much more information on a topic, meaning you can break it up into sections that are more easily digestible and allow you to delve deeper into your expertise on the subject matter. Instead of condensing information to fit into a single book, you can dive into the intricacies of each area, much like a TV series explores a story and its accompanying universe in more depth than a single movie. 

It also means you have far more content to promote your business, and you can later repurpose it for conferences, newsletters, social media posts, and even website copy. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to have multiple book launches and networking events. Essentially, with a book series, you can get more out of your content ideas.

2. Publishing eBooks is simpler than publishing traditional books 

Publishing eBooks is much cheaper, quicker, and more efficient than publishing traditional books as they can simply be uploaded and made immediately available to your target audience. You don’t need to find a literary agent and a publisher willing to offer you a book deal—you just need to invest in cover design and formatting and then upload your eBook wherever you like. 

You can send out a link or even a file directly to the inbox of the people you want to reach, and you can make your eBooks available for download on your website. Offering your eBook series for free is also a great way to promote your business and establish yourself as a leader in your field. 

3. Ghostwriters bring a fresh perspective

Ghostwriters, even those with a business background, are creative by nature and will bring a fresh perspective to the table, which you’ll be glad to have when outlining the content and structure of each eBook. Of course, you have to come up with all the content—you’ll run into ethical issues if you make the ghostwriter responsible for the content as well—but their creativity can put a fresh spin on your ideas.

Writing a series of books requires a lot more creativity, organization, and consistency than writing a single book. A professional ghostwriter will know how to streamline the process and stretch your knowledge and experience to fill multiple eBooks without sounding repetitive or redundant. It’s best to hire one ghostwriter to compose all the eBooks in your series rather than outsourcing each one to a different ghostwriter to pump them out faster.

4. Ghostwriters will write in a consistent voice

Consistency is key when writing a series of books—you definitely don’t want each one to read as if it was written by a different author. It’s also imperative to have a common thread running through all the books, which should work just as well individually as they do as a series. However, writing multiple books that rely on the same premise is not an easy task if you don’t already have the experience and skills to do so. It’s hard to maintain consistency without becoming repetitive, but a professional ghostwriter knows exactly how to do it.

Besides being able to channel your brand’s voice and style and use them consistently throughout the series, a ghostwriter understands that the concept and tone must also be consistent so all the books work as a whole, especially if you intend to publish your eBook series as a full-length business book in the future. When you first talk with a prospective ghostwriter, be sure to tell them that you’re looking for a series of eBooks, not just a single one, so they can plan the workflow right from the beginning.

5. Ghostwriters know what questions to ask

A big part of ghostwriting is knowing what questions to ask the author to extract the most important information. Many people who hire ghostwriters do so because they’re not confident in their writing skills and aren’t sure how to weave all their knowledge together into a compelling narrative. Ghostwriters are trained to ask the right questions in order to get the best anecdotes and ideas out of the author, put them all in order, and highlight the most important ones through engaging prose. 

This means you should choose carefully and hire a ghostwriter who you have a rapport with. Thus, you’ll be comfortable sharing all your ideas with them, including any deep personal thoughts, feelings, or stories, if necessary. If the two of you naturally get along, that will also help the ghostwriter better understand you and the ideas you want to get across.

6. Ghostwriters will meet your deadlines

As professionals in their field, ghostwriters will meet your deadlines, giving you the certainty and confidence that they’ll deliver. Since producing your eBook series is their main job, they’ll be focused on writing and submitting their work on time, leaving you free to do what you do best, like running and growing your business. Of course, you’ll have to make yourself available for any questions they may have, and you’ll be expected to read and provide feedback on their drafts, but for the most part, ghostwriting is a hands-off process for the client.

Hiring a ghostwriter for your eBook series will save you time and produce invaluable material for your marketing campaigns. As ghostwriters have all types of backgrounds and specialties, make sure you hire someone who understands your business, industry, and relevant terminology to ensure the best results. 

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