List of 156 Adverbs That Start With L

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You might be looking for a word that modifies verbs or adjectives and has a specific opening letter. Want a collection of relevant examples? See this list of adverbs that start with L.
labially leeward lingually loobily
laboriously left linguistically loose
laconically leftward liquidly loosely
laggingly legally lispingly lopsidedly
laically leggiero listlessly loquaciously
lamellarly legibly literally lordly/lordlily
lamely legislatively literately lots
lamentingly legitimately literatim loud
landward leisurely lithely loudly
langsyne lengthily lithologically lousily
languishingly lengthways litigiously lovably
lankly lengthwise little lovelily
large leniently little by little loverwise
largely lentamente liturgically lovingly
larghetto lenticularly live low
largo lento livelily lowlily
last level-headedly lively lowly
lastingly levelly lividly loyally
lastly levitically livingly lubberly
late liberally loathingly lucidly
lately liberatingly lobately luciferously
latently lickety-split locally luckily
laterad lief loco lucratively
laterally light loftily luculently
lateward light-heartedly logarithmetically ludicrously
latterly lightly logarithmically lugubriously
laudably like logically lukewarmly
laughingly likely logogrammatically lullingly
lavishly likewise loiteringly luminously
lawfully limberly lollingly luridly
laxly limbmeal long lusciously
lazily limitedly long ago lushly
leanly limnologically long since lustfully
leapingly limpidly long-windedly lustily
learnedly limpingly longingly lustrously
least limply longitudinally luxuriantly
leastways lineally longly luxuriously
leastwise linearly longways lyingly
leeringly lingeringly longwise lyrically