List of 76 Adverbs That Start With V

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Want to find adverbs that start with V? Try this list of relevant terms. The words found here are used to modify adjectives and verbs and begin with that particular letter.
vacantly ventrad victoriously vivaciously
vacuously ventrally videlicet vively
vagrantly veraciously vigilantly vividly
vaguely verbally vigoroso viviparously
vainly verbatim vigorously viz
valiantly verbosely vilely vocally
validly verdantly vindictively vocationally
valorously verily violently vociferously
valuably verminously virtually volcanically
vanishingly vernacularly virtuously volitionally
vapidly verrayment virulently volubly
variably vertebrally vis-a-vis volumetrically
variously vertically viscerally voluminously
vastly very viscidly voluntarily
vauntingly vexatiously visibly voluptuously
vehemently vexingly visually voraciously
venally vicariously vitally voyeuristically
vengefully vice versa vitriolically vulgarly
venomously viciously vivace vulnerably