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We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing, but we've grown to offer a full range of services for authors. From writing support, to design, to marketing, we can help you publish your book and grow your audience.

And if you're wary about spending money to help make your dreams of self-publishing or traditional publishing a reality, know this: Authors who get help with story editing, copy editing, proofreading, and cover design earn 34% more than the average author ( source).

Important: This page is for fiction and nonfiction authors. If you're looking for academic services, click here.

For Finishing an Incomplete Manuscript:
For Publishing a Completed Manuscript:
For Marketing a Completed Manuscript:
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Manuscript Critique Get Started

Get high-level feedback about your manuscript.
manuscript critique

This service is for authors with full first drafts who want to fix plot holes, character development shortcomings, and other big-picture issues. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

A manuscript critique, also known as an editorial assessment, is a great place to start if you think there might be something wrong with your novel or nonfiction book but you can't pinpoint it. Our team will offer an unbiased perspective on your manuscript and send you a multi-page editorial letter outlining its strengths and weaknesses. We'll cover plot and character development, dialogue, structural cohesiveness, and more and provide a strategy for revisions. While not full big-picture editing (often called developmental editing), this more affordable option provides targeted feedback about issues readers and publishers might struggle with and gives you a plan to fix them.

What you'll get: A multi-page editorial letter outlining your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses and providing a plan to fix the weaknesses

Example (click to read all six pages)

Manuscript critique example

Hear from our manuscript critique clients about the value we provide:

I just wanted to reach out to let you know my feelings about the manuscript critique. It was brilliant! I could not be happier with the critique I got back.

Thank you for the really super work you did and for being aware of my deadline. I'm actually a professional copyeditor myself, for more than ten years, and I can honestly say I've never done a better critique than what you came up with for me. I had no expectation of finding someone as capable as you. I got work back that was, in all likelihood and honesty, better than what I would have done myself. And no one can ask for more than that, can they?

You've been nothing short of amazing.

— J.A. (manuscript critique for a 115,000-word historical fiction novel)

Completing the first draft of my manuscript was a huge accomplishment, but I needed guidance on where to focus my revisions in my second draft. The expert editors at came through with their manuscript critique service, making suggestions to help me fill plot holes, flesh out under-developed characters, and create a more satisfying narrative arc for my young reading audience. I simply could not have brought this project to a successful conclusion without their help, and I would definitely recommend their services to fellow authors.

— Richard Wright (manuscript critique for 26,000 words)
  • 1–20,000 words—US$329
  • 20,001–40,000 words—US$389
  • 40,001–60,000 words—US$479
  • Most common: 60,001–80,000 words—US$579
  • 80,001–120,000 words—US$679
  • 120,001–140,000 words—US$799
  • 140,001–160,000 words—US$919
  • +160,000 words—Get a custom quote.

Big-Picture (Developmental) Editing Get Started

Fix plot holes, character development shortcomings, and other big-picture issues.
manuscript critique

This service is for authors with full first drafts who want suggestions and a plan to fix plot, character development, and structural issues. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

Finishing your first draft is a huge milestone. Congratulations! However, after spending months or years on your manuscript, you may have trouble stepping back to identify remaining developmental issues. If you need a second set of eyes to help fix plot holes, refine character motivations, and strengthen themes, big-picture (developmental) editing is for you. Nonfiction authors can benefit too, as developmental editing addresses structural and organizational issues to help ensure information is clear and convincing.

We always match authors with developmental editors expertly suited to their specific needs, as a developmental editor who works with fantasy novels won't be the right fit for a political history text.

Note that big-picture editing differs from our manuscript critique service in that our manuscript critique service provides an editorial letter, while big-picture editing provides an editorial letter as well as copious developmental notes in the margins of your manuscript.

What you'll get: A big-picture editor will (1) read through your manuscript and add developmental notes in the margins and (2) provide a multi-page editorial letter.

What do developmental editing clients say about the value we provide?

The comments and notes from the team were so meaningful to me, beyond my expectations. Your developmental editing work is unrivaled. Thank you so much!

— Marianne, author of a historical fiction novel

When I purchased developmental editing from, I knew my second novel was a work in progress, and that reality helped me be open to the editing process.

There are stories, and then there are stories well told. Anybody can write a story, but I also believe anybody can write a story well told as long as he or she is committed. In that sense, developmental editing from broadened my view of what my manuscript could become.

While many creative writers fear that an editor will change their ideas, my experience has been that editors make the best writing teachers. My teacher, as I fondly called my editor, was not intrusive. She understood that my project was my baby, and her editorial letter gave me a professional perspective on what stage my draft was in. She gave me many suggestions on how to build my characters and plotlines to make them their best. I made all the final decisions, and continued conversations with my teacher have helped me tighten my draft even further since.

If you’re serious about publication, please do not write in a vacuum. Always get a second pair of eyes from a professional like the editors at Their developmental editing service provides excellent support for authors aiming to make their work the best it can be.

Nobody forced me to say these things! I am truly a satisfied customer, and I will use this service again.

— S.L. Plummer (developmental editing of 84,656 words)

This package does not include any ghostwriting, rewriting, rearranging (beyond suggestions), or copy editing of the text.

  • Developmental editing is just US$0.022/word (e.g., US$1,320 for a 60,000-word manuscript). The minimum order is 10,000 words.
  • If, after amending your manuscript based on our developmental edits, you'd like another round of big-picture editing (including an editorial letter), the reduced rate is just US$0.016/word.
  • If developmental editing is outside of your budget, we recommend our manuscript critique service.

Paragraph and Sentence Editing 24/7 Get Started

Smooth out grammar and style issues before publication.
manuscript critique

This service is for authors with full first drafts who need help with spelling, grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

Our paragraph and sentence editing service, which we also call combined proofreading and editing, is what we're best known for. It's perfect for authors in the final stages of revisions who want a service more comprehensive than basic proofreading, which just covers typos. Our editorial experts will comb through each of your paragraphs and sentences to improve style and correct errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Free samples are available here.

What do paragraph and sentence editing clients say about the value we provide?

I wanted to share the great news that my book was announced as a winner in the 2020 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards! I am probably the only self-published author on the list. I wouldn't have achieved this if it weren't for you and your great team of editors. Our hard work is rewarded, and I feel lucky.

—A. Ali Hasan Ali (author of The Guardians of Erum and the Calamitous Child of Socotra)

Available here. For discounts based on length, contact us with your word count.

Proofreading without Editing Get Started

Remove distracting typos and embarrassing errors to ensure a cleaner read.
manuscript critique

This service is for authors with a fully edited draft that's about ready to publish. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

If you need a final check for minor errors before you publish, we offer deals for proofreading only without any additional editorial services. This service is for "clean" texts, defined as the proofreader being expected to find one or two errors at the most per page. (For text that isn't "clean," the best option is our combined proofreading and editing service.)

Our skilled proofreading team specializes in catching typos, missing words, and spelling mistakes that can break readers' immersion in the world you've created. Contact us to get a quote (or see the per-word rates below), and let's get your book ready for publication.

What do proofreading clients say about the value we provide?

You have one talented proofreader. Awesome knowledge and understanding of correct usage and incredible attention to detail. I'm glad I went through the extra step—well worth the time and expense.

— Jeff Schrank (author of a 140,000-word manuscript about cognitive psychology)

After spending years researching and writing my book, including working with a professional editor for substantive editing, I was finished. With so much invested in getting the book ready for publication, I wanted to be sure no embarrassing typos or similar errors crept into the finished product. I chose to do a final "tie a bow around it" edit before going to print. I'm confident this one last professional review helped produce the polished product I was seeking. I will use on my next project.

— John F. Llewellyn, author of Birth of a Cemetery (proofreading of 87,542 words)

With my novel almost ready for publication, I needed some thorough proofreading before I went to print—but after working on the material for so long, I was too familiar with it to do the final check by myself. The team at was there for me, working within my tight deadline to turn around a clean manuscript. With their help, I'm confident that I've published a great book for my readers.

—Shawna Lynn Brooks, author of Home Again (proofreading of 53,907 words) did an excellent job proofreading my memoir, making valuable corrections and catching errors that would have distracted readers. The service was exactly what I was looking for, and I would recommend their proofreading services to fellow authors without hesitation.

— Jim Nelson, memoirist and former Lockheed Martin executive (proofreading of 33,358 words)

I received the proofread manuscript. I am completely satisfied and amazed how this was done within a week. I certainly will use your firm in the future and recommend it to others.

— John E., author of a book on community safety (proofreading of 147,343 words)
  • 10,000–20,000 words—US$0.02/word (e.g., US$400 for 20,000 words)
  • 20,001–40,000 words—US$0.018/word (e.g., US$720 for 40,000 words)
  • 40,001-60,000 words—US$0.016/word (e.g., US$960 for 60,000 words)
  • Most common: 60,001–80,000 words—US$0.015/word (e.g., US$1,200 for 80,000 words)
  • 80,001–120,000 words—US$0.014/word (e.g., US$1,680 for 120,000 words)
  • +120,001 words—US$0.013/word (e.g., US$2,080 for 160,000 words)
  • For fewer than 10,000 words, the best option is our combined proofreading and editing service.

Professional Cover Design Get Started

Elicit emotion, entice readers, and expand your audience with professional cover design.
manuscript critique

With millions of books to choose from, readers really do select books by their covers. A professionally designed cover will draw in readers and convey the tone and genre of your book in an instant. Our cover designers aim to attract new readers in five seconds and from ten feet away, online and in print. When surveyed, about four out of five people say that book covers play a decisive role in book purchasing habits and two out of five say that a cover has been the sole driving factor in deciding to purchase a book .

Marketing Professors Alain d'Astous and Francois Colbert studied what makes people want to read particular books and determined that "the most important effect appears to be the attractiveness of the book cover [in that] more attractive book covers lead to greater consumer interest" and that "[the cover] has a significant impact on perceived quality, especially when consumers are not familiar with [the book]." The attractiveness of the book cover was determined to be vastly more important than the author's reputation or the publisher's reputation in explaining book sales. But that's not all; a professionally designed book cover leads to 18% more royalties for those who self-publish, according to the Taleist's self-publishing survey of over 1,000 authors.

Professional cover designers vs. graphic designers

Though it's possible to get a cover for cheaper than our prices, we caution authors against working with graphic designers who only dabble in book cover design instead of focusing on it exclusively. Working hard to write a book over many months or years only to get your cover designed by an amateur is like trying to sell a car with a great engine but a shoddy paint job. We advocate for a professional design since it's arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when attracting readers who don't already know your work.

The service

Your cover designer will work with you based on current trends, book cover design best practices, and years of experience to maximize your sales and audience growth. She will present you with three concepts to choose from. After incorporating your input on all design elements, your cover designer will deliver your approved final cover as a PDF and JPEG.

Select covers designed by our team:
Here's what one client had to say about our cover design services:

The final product is fantastic. It's definitely in the style I wanted but is actually far superior to what I initially suggested. I think the new cover will really help with future sales. It grabs your attention, and I've already sold far more copies than I ever thought I would.

— Roland (cover design for a futuristic thriller novel)
  • Front cover for eBooks: US$375
  • Wraparound cover for print copies: US$475 (includes an eBook cover)

eBook Formatting from US$79 Get Started

Make your book available to readers across all digital devices.
manuscript critique

Purely automated eBook conversion is famously imperfect; it leaves formatting errors that distract from the text. We meticulously format eBooks and keep prices low by using software for the initial conversion and then reviewing manuscripts page by page, fixing what the software didn't.

We format eBooks for Amazon Kindle (82% of the market), which uses the .kpf format. We also format eBooks for nearly all other retailers, since almost every service besides Amazon uses the .epub format. (Our .epub files are compatible with Smashwords, the largest distribution service for independent authors.)

Here's what you'll get:

Package 1: A .kpf file for Amazon Kindle OR an .epub file for everywhere else
Package 2: A .kpf file AND an .epub file, which means your book will be accessible everywhere

Before you're ready for eBook formatting, you'll need the following:
  1. A cover image (produced yourself or by one of our professional cover designers—see cover design examples)
  2. Proofreading (we offer combined proofreading and editing and just proofreading)

All online retailers require a cover, many require proofreading, and your readers absolutely prefer both.

Watch out! Many unscrupulous companies, particularly those with shockingly low eBook formatting rates, just straight convert the files their clients provide using whatever styles the author has used. For example, if you haven't created heading styles, straight software conversions might result in an eBook without specially formatted chapter headings. We know how hard it is to write a novel, and we think it makes no sense to put your work into the hands of readers in a shoddy fashion. We're different because we use software and then we troubleshoot the eBook formatting issues that come up until your book looks like you've always dreamed it could.

What do eBook formatting clients say about us?

After receiving my formatted eBook, I have to say that everything about the service was perfect, from the quality of the finished eBook to the speed and professionalism with which you completed the project. I will work with you for my future books and would recommend you to any independent authors seeking quality eBook formatting services.

— Jarrah Jarrah (eBook formatting for a CEO handbook)

Seeking an affordable way to reach the online market, I approached for their eBook formatting services. The team was professional and fast, offering a volume discount for my 34 titles, and the delivered eBook files were of high quality. I was able to easily upload them for sale through online retailers such as Amazon and on my own website. I will definitely work with this team again in future and would recommend them to other authors.

— Geary Reid (eBook formatting for 34 business, financial, and religious guidebooks)

The experience that I, Eduardo E. Castillero L., editor and curator of the intellectual work of the Panamanian historian Professor Ernesto J. Castillero Reyes, have had with the attention of Mr. Luke Palder, CEO of, has been extraordinary.

Everything has been possible. He has shown talent and desire to cooperate—I haven't heard a "no" yet. I recommend's eBook formatting services to people all over the world. You will find safe harbor and, in consequence, sell a lot of books, which is what we all want.

— Eduardo E. Castillero L. (eBook formatting for a history of the Panama Canal Railway)

We're best for narrative books (fiction, narrative nonfiction) and books that are mostly narrative with under five images. In other words, we're a great fit for about 95% of what readers purchase. We're not a great fit for more complex formatting such as fixed formats or drop caps. (If you don't know what these are, then they're most likely irrelevant to your publishing needs.) If your eBook needs to be highly formatted (this most frequently occurs with nonnarrative nonfiction like textbooks) or has lots of images (over five, not including cover art), please contact us for a custom eBook formatting quote. Otherwise, the rates below apply to you.

Amazon or everywhere? Authors who upload only to Amazon miss out on reaching nearly one out of five people (18%) searching for eBooks. That's a lot of missed readers and sales. We can convert your hard work to both .kpf and .epub, getting you in front of as many readers as possible.

Amazon Only
(.kpf Format)
Everywhere Else
(.ePub Format)
Both .kpf AND .ePub
1–20,000 words US$79 US$79 US$99
20,001–40,000 words US$99 US$99 US$119
40,001–60,000 words US$119 US$119 US$139
60,001–80,000 words US$139 US$139 US$159
80,001–100,000 words US$159 US$159 US$179
100,001–120,000 words US$179 US$179 US$199
+120,001 words US$199 US$199 US$219

Basic Print Formatting for Amazon Kindle or IngramSpark Get Started

Prepare your book for printing according to Kindle Direct Publishing or IngramSpark standards.
Print Formatting

To prepare your book for printing, it must be formatted carefully according to your printer’s template and specifications. While we do offer custom typesetting—which results in a fully customizable interior design that beautifully accentuates your writing—most people who have text-only (or nearly text-only) books need only basic print formatting, which is much more affordable.

The Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark formatting standards typically focus on elements such as margins, section breaks, page numbering, and the like. We can apply these formatting standards to your manuscript in Microsoft Word. Need help choosing between printing with Kindle or IngramSpark? Check out this guide we wrote.

What you’ll get: Our professional book formatters will carefully apply your printer’s formatting requirements across your entire manuscript. The result will be crisp .docx and .pdf files designed for your self-publisher’s printing process.

Prices by manuscript length
  • 0–50,000 words: US$109.00
  • Most common: 50,001–100,000 words: US$139.00
  • 100,001–150,000 words: US$169.00
  • 150,001–200,000 words: US$199.00
  • 200,001–250,000 words: US$229.00

Please note that there are additional charges if the manuscript contains 10 or more graphic elements (e.g., tables, charts, images).

Custom Typesetting and Interior Book Design Get Started

Work with a typesetter to create a beautifully designed book. (We also offer budget-friendly basic book formatting and eBook formatting.)

Your book is unique, and your book's interior design should be too. Our custom typesetting and interior book design service provides a unique layout that will reflect your aesthetic vision and genre and make your book look like it was printed by a major publishing house.

What you'll get: Page by page, your typesetter will apply a professional, consistent custom design that matches your genre. They'll create custom chapter headings, apply consistent spacing and margins, and creatively place images and other design elements, enhancing the aesthetics of your printed work.

The result of our typesetting service is a series of stunning print-ready proofs delivered as a PDF.

Examples from our team:

Custom typesetting isn't something to attempt on your own. It requires software such as Adobe InDesign, and it's an advanced skill. Here's a great way to know if formatting your book for printing on your own is a good idea: If typesetting terms like "ascender," "drop cap," "em quad," "galley proof," "kerning," "ligature," and "widow" are a mystery to you, you're a great candidate for our typesetting service.

Why can't I just typeset in Microsoft Word? While you can use Word to experiment with typefaces, change kerning, and even introduce some basic design elements to your manuscript, professional typesetting will always yield vastly better results. Microsoft Word simply doesn't allow for the type of micro-adjustments necessary to produce a fantastic layout. For example, in most books, text is justified—that is, aligned flush against both the left and right margins. However, justifying text in Word often results in unnatural spaces between words. A professional typesetter will adjust each line individually, resulting in a layout that enhances the writing you've worked tirelessly on.

What if I'm convinced that Word's formatting is good enough for me? If you don't need a beautifully designed PDF through custom typesetting but do need your book formatted in Microsoft Word so that it meets your printer's basic printing requirements (margins, section breaks, page numbering, etc.), we can do that with our basic print formatting service.

What do custom typesetting clients say about us?

I came across when I was searching for professional editors and designers to build a relationship with for our current and future projects. We purchased their editing, typesetting, and proofreading and we were not disappointed. They are very prompt and thorough. They worked with us as we were very particular in how we wanted the final typeset PDF to look. They have a variety of services for those who need guidance each step of the way or just a particular service. We would highly recommend them for typesetting, editing, proofreading, or anything else.

— Linzi Morris, Morris Management (custom typesetting for a self-help book of 20,004 words)

After a ton of research into book services, I selected to handle my first nonfiction book. I needed rather significant typesetting work. The result was nothing short of perfect. They quickly transformed my document, and the layout was better than I expected. They went the extra mile by providing exceedingly quick attention to my deadlines. They even called me on the telephone to understand my goals for the book and to ensure that the layout would meet the needs of my professional audience. They were exactly what I needed as a first-time author. I could not be more pleased with both the quality and the price. In short, I will be using them again for book number two.

— Robert Widner, Widner Juran LLP (custom typesetting for a book on parliamentary procedure of 49,300 words)

Before typesetting, we recommend these steps to ensure your book is ready to be "frozen" in a print-ready PDF:

  1. We perform paragraph and sentence editing to improve style and correct errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  2. You accept or reject our edits and make changes based on our suggestions.
  3. We proofread to catch remaining issues.

After typesetting, we recommend the following steps:

  1. We perform a final round of proofreading to ensure no errors slipped through the cracks or were introduced during typesetting.
  2. You work with one of our designers to create a book cover (see examples). You can design one yourself, but we advise against it.
  3. You send your beautifully designed book to your preferred printer. You're ready!
Price per page that is text only
Price per page that has a graphic element
Price per page with multiple graphic elements
Graphic elements include images, photos, charts, tables, figures, graphic adornments, etc.
Think cookbooks, textbooks, travel guides, etc.
Initial Typesetting US$5.15 US$16.05 US$25.75
Amendments (1st round) US$2.55 US$7.75 US$12.85
Amendments (2nd round) US$1.25 US$3.85 US$6.45
Amendments (3rd round) US$0.65 US$2.55 US$3.85

Literary Translation into and from +250 Languages Get Started

Share your manuscript with the 86% of the world that doesn't speak English.
literary translation

After spending years working on your book, limiting yourself to just the English market would be a waste. Great stories are universal, but as 86% of the world's population doesn't speak English, manuscripts are often limited to just one corner of the linguistic world (which also means authors' profits are artificially low). With our skilled team of literary translators and wide network, translating from English into nearly any language is possible (from Afrikaans to Zulu). Let's talk about how we can help you grow your international audience and sales.

Introducing focuses on English proofreading and editing. In response to the growing need for translation services, we established a sister company, Establishing this company has allowed each entity to focus on its own expertise to continue to deliver service excellence. You can expect the same quality work and excellent service because you’re working with the same team.

What do literary translation clients say about us?

Seeking to reach a wider international readership, I approached to translate my romance novel from the original German into English. My goal was to achieve a translation that captured the nuance of the material and stayed true to my authorial voice, and the translation and subsequent editing service did just that. I am super happy with the high quality of the German to English translation and with the efforts and helpful comments of my English editor. I would definitely recommend for literary translation!

— Catherine S. (German to English translation and English editing of a 44,200-word romance novel)

To expand your audience through accurate, nuanced translation, request a quote today.

Audiobook Creation Get Started

Turn your manuscript into an audiobook and expand your audience.

Publishing a book is no small feat, and there’s no feeling more rewarding than knowing there are people out there reading your lovingly crafted prose. However, not everyone has time to sit down and read. Turning your manuscript into an audiobook can be a lucrative move as an author, opening up a new market and allowing people to listen to your story as they commute to work or cook a meal.

We offer an end-to-end audiobook creation service for authors of all genres. Our large pool of professional voice actors allows you to freely choose the accent—US, UK, Australian, South African, and just about any other regional variety of English. With previews of our voice actors before committing to a full order, you can rest assured that our recording meets or exceeds your expectations.

What you’ll get:
  1. We produce finished and polished audio files for upload to Amazon or another audiobook platform.
  2. We work to your schedule, delivering your recording by the deadline you determine.
  3. Our audio files are professionally recorded with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a smooth, crisp narration free of background noise.
  4. Once it’s recorded, our expert editors will remove any pops, clicks, or other unwanted sounds from your audio file.
  5. Your file will be mastered to ensure that the end product has consistent, punchy volume from start to finish and that the recording complies with Audible’s loudness requirements.
  6. Our meticulous quality control staff will perform a final check on your audiobook to ensure perfection.
Only US$0.043 per recorded word to work with an expert voiceover artist. We'll source 3-5 artists we think would be appropriate for your manuscript, and you can choose the one you like the best. We charge a nonrefundable US$50 artist sourcing fee, but that can be applied as a credit to your order.

Book Marketing Essentials Package Get Started

Get help gaining readers and selling your book.
book marketing

With our years of editorial and publishing experience, our team will craft a package of marketing materials to help you sell your book. After reading your book cover to cover, we'll provide you with (1) a back cover blurb to entice readers, (2) a punchy tagline for use in marketing copy and social media, (3) a BISAC category determination to give your book the best chance of success, (4) a book description and five optimized keywords for use on Amazon, (5) an author biography to position you as a favorite in your genre, and (6) a list of the contact information for 10 bloggers who are relevant to your genre along with a sample letter template so you can email them to promote your book (get more than 10 bloggers here).

What you'll get:
  1. A back cover blurb
  2. A tagline
  3. A BISAC category determination
  4. A book description and optimized keywords for use on Amazon
  5. An author biography
  6. Contact information for 10 bloggers who are relevant to your genre (get more here) and a sample letter template
What do book marketing essentials clients say about the value we provide?

Working with the marketing team was absolutely amazing. The marketing materials were well written, well thought out, and returned to me quickly. Because of, I am confident in marketing and releasing my first book. I will return to this team for my second book, and I also will spread the word about this amazing company.

— Sparrow Sardothian (book marketing essentials package for a memoir of self-discovery and empowerment)

Most authors publish with the hopes of selling many copies, but before purchasing a book, readers need to be captivated. The team knows what readers want. They combed through each of my books to write an engaging blurb, Amazon description and keywords, and author bio, and they provided information about which bloggers to target for each title, which will allow me to boost my marketing efforts tremendously. I recommend the book marketing package for first-time and experienced authors alike.

— Geary Reid (book marketing essentials packages for 34 business, financial, and religious guidebooks)

Wading into book publishing as an independent author is a challenge. Being so close to the material, I was finding it difficult to sell my manuscript through a short blurb or narrow down my long list of potential Amazon keywords. stepped in with their book marketing package, crafting a back cover blurb that will captivate young readers, helping me identify the right BISAC categories for my book, curating a list of blogs for me to contact in my marketing efforts, and more. Thanks to their team, I'm starting my publishing journey with confidence. I highly recommend their book marketing services!

— Richard Wright (book marketing essentials package for a middle-grade novel) has been amazing from start to finish. Their marketing team provided excellent support that truly reflects the professional abilities of its members. I consider the book description, book cover blurb, author bio, and tagline very important in book promotion. The marketing team nailed it, making my life easier and providing insight on the marketability of my book. A big thank you to this wonderful team of professionals.

— Denise Mercado (book marketing essentials package for a contemplative book about the Virgin Mary)
Rates by book length
  • 1–20,000 words—US$515
  • 20,001–40,000 words—US$585
  • 40,001–60,000 words—US$655
  • Most common: 60,001–80,000 words—US$715
  • 80,001–100,000 words—US$785
  • 100,001–120,000 words—US$855
  • 120,001–140,000 words—US$915
  • 140,000+ words—Get a custom quote.

Book Marketing Bestseller Package Get Started

Become a best-selling author on Amazon and/or—guaranteed.
Digital Marketing

Our team of marketing experts can help your book become an Amazon or bestseller—guaranteed. In the highly unlikely event that your book doesn’t make the bestseller list you select, you’ll receive a full refund. You have nothing to lose, but much to gain.

Why become a best-selling author?

A book on a leading bestseller list provides several benefits:

  • You can legitimately call yourself a "best-selling author," enhancing your credibility in your field.
  • You can use this achievement to market your book.
    • You can add the accolade to the book’s cover.
    • You can use it as leverage when approaching booksellers to encourage them to stock your book. (If your book appears near the top of the bestsellers list, why would your local Barnes and Noble not want to stock your book?)
  • You can use your success to market yourself, which is especially helpful if you’d like to launch a speaking career or increase your speaking rates.
  • You’ll reach thousands of readers who are interested in your book.
What does it cost and what’s guaranteed?
Get on This Bestseller List
Your Amazon category You’ll get on the Amazon Bestseller list in your category or we’ll issue a full refund. US$9,500 (fully refundable) site-wide You’ll get on the site-wide bestseller list or we’ll issue a full refund. US$9,500 (fully refundable)
Your Amazon category AND site-wide You'll get on both the Amazon Bestseller list in your category and the sitewide bestseller list or we'll issue a full refund. US$15,000 (fully refundable)
How do we get your book on these bestseller lists—guaranteed or your marketing money back?

Our approach to book marketing relies on contact with real readers at a huge scale. We have access to email lists of readers—5,000,000 real people—who are looking for discounted eBooks in their preferred genres. Here's exactly how we do it:

  1. We lower the cost of the eBook to US$0.99 for a limited time.
  2. We run some calculations to estimate how many people it’ll take to land your book on the bestseller list that you select.
  3. We email the subsets of the 5,000,000 potential readers who prefer your genre about your book.
  4. Enough people choose to buy your book with no other incentive beyond the sale price that it lands you on the bestseller list.

Do we knowingly violate any bookseller policies to increase sales?

No. We reach an audience of readers who have signed up to receive emails about interesting books for sale. This is no different than reaching followers on social media. (We just have an email following of about 5,000,000 people!)

We simply email the subsets of our list most likely to be interested in your genre and say, “This new book you may be interested in is for sale. Would you like to buy it?”

If you don’t reach bestseller status through our marketing efforts, we will refund your marketing money. In other words, we are so confident in our marketing strategy that if our marketing methods fail, we’ll refund 100% of your marketing fee.

Query Letter Packages for Traditional Publishing Get Started

Land an agent or publishing deal for your manuscript.
query package

If you're seeking a literary agent or a publisher, our team will leverage years of industry experience to create a query package to promote your manuscript. After reading your book cover to cover, your publishing expert will create (1) a query letter for agents or publishers, (2) a synopsis that provides just enough detail to entice but not overwhelm, (3) an outline of major plot or informational points, and (4) a targeted list of 10 agents or publishers you can submit to (you can increase this number here).

What do query letter clients say about the value we provide? did such wonderful work with my memoir's query letter package. My core thoughts were well written in the synopsis and chapter outline. I felt so lucky to work with Michelle and the rest of the team. Before submitting my draft, I was so worried because I was navigating publishing for the first time. However, I am so satisfied with the work and recommend it more than 100%.

— Marianne (received a publishing offer from an NYC publisher in May 2018)

I am in love with my query letter, synopsis, and outline. Thank you! I have already recommended you to two writer friends. You guys did a fantastic job!

— Kathleen Griffin (a 94,000-word novel bridging psychological drama and magical realism)

Wow! Great service and a solid query letter. Please pass along my gratitude to your team. I'm very impressed, and I have another manuscript coming your way.

— Tye Tyson (query letter package for an adult contemporary manuscript)

I had no idea how to pitch my manuscript to publishers, which publishers were likely to be interested, or how to get in contact with them. I turned to because I needed insight into the publishing industry, and they exceeded my expectations. Their team carefully read my manuscript and wrote me a compelling query letter that captured what I had spent years writing, giving me confidence in my pitch and saving me a ton of time. I can't imagine submitting my book to publishers without's help.

— Mary (query letter package for a 280-page historical fiction manuscript)
What you'll get:
  1. A query letter (email and mail versions)
  2. A manuscript synopsis
  3. An outline of major plot or informational points
  4. Contact information for 10 targeted agents or publishers (get more here)

Please note that each agent has unique submission requirements. Some will request a query letter, a synopsis, a certain number of pages, and more, while others may request only a query letter to start. Because agent preferences vary widely, we've designed this package to attempt to give you a variety of materials you can use to tailor your submission to each agent's requirements.

Rates by manuscript length for reading your book and writing the above materials from scratch
  • 1–20,000 words—US$775
  • 20,001–40,000 words—US$875
  • 40,001–60,000 words—US$975
  • Most common: 60,001–80,000 words—US$1,075
  • 80,001–100,000 words—US$1,175
  • 100,001–120,000 words—US$1,275
  • 120,001–140,000 words—US$1,375
  • 140,000+ words—Email us for a custom quote.
Have a query letter and need only editing?

We can edit it (without reading your book) for US$295. Email us.

Targeted Blog Lists for Book Promotion Get Started

Get contact info for bloggers who could help promote your book.
promotion to blogs

If your book isn't being talked about on relevant blogs, you're missing a huge opportunity to inexpensively build an audience. Our team has perfected a foolproof process to identify blogs most similar to your book's topic, weed out the spammy ones and the inactive ones, and find the contact information of the most promising ones. We'll deliver a spreadsheet with only the high-quality blogs and their contact info so you can reach out to pitch your book as the next best thing.

What you'll get:
  1. A targeted spreadsheet with the contact info of bloggers who write about your book's topic or genre or have otherwise been identified as people who might write a blog post about your book
  2. A sample letter template for contacting bloggers that you can modify using details about your book
Example list of curated bloggers (redacted)
Rates by number of blogs
  • 25 blogs—US$113.75
  • 50 blogs—US$227.50
  • Most common: 75 blogs—US$341.25
  • 100 blogs—US$455.00
  • 125 blogs—US$568.75

US$4.55 for every blog after that.

Targeted Lists of Agents and Publishers Get Started

Increase your publishing chances by starting with the right contacts.
finding agents

If you're planning to seek an agent or publisher to publish traditionally, we can save you a ton of time and increase your chances of success. Our team has perfected a foolproof process to identify agents and publishers who are great candidates for your work based on your book's topic, reading level, genre, and the agents'/publishers' current needs. We'll deliver a spreadsheet with only the best prospects and their contact info so you can reach out to pitch your book as the next best thing. (Note: In order to pitch your book to agents and publishers, you'll need a query letter. We can write a query letter for you.)

What do clients say about our research?

Your delivery of literary agents is amazing. Honestly speaking, I didn't expect such great detail about the literary agents and their contact info. I can't thank you enough. By the way, can you do another 40 agents and 50 publishers? Thank you so much for your team's great work.

— Yunnith

What you'll get: A targeted spreadsheet with the contact info of agents and/or publishers who are likely to be interested in your book based on their past behavior and current needs

Example list of curated agents (redacted)

Agent example

Example list of curated publishers (redacted)

Publisher example

Rates by number of agents or publishers
  • 25 agents—US$174.95
  • 50 agents—US$349.95
  • Most common: 75 agents—US$524.95
  • 100 agents—US$699.95
  • 125 agents—US$874.95

US$6.99 for every agent or publisher after that.

Something Else Contact Us

We'll leverage our editorial talents to help guide you to publishing success.

What is most challenging for you as an author? What takes too long? Contact us and let us know. Our goal is to help you publish and promote your manuscript.

What Editing Service Is Best for You?

Have a full first draft but need help with plot holes, character shortcomings, or other big issues?Manuscript Critique (lower cost) or Big-Picture Editing (deeper editing, higher cost)

Have a full draft you're happy with plot- and theme-wise and need grammar/spelling help?Paragraph and Sentence Editing

Need a final check for errors before publishing?Proofreading