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Upon its separation from the Soviet Union in 1990, Belarus retained significant Soviet influence and kept the country largely closed to the wider world, including economically. As the years have gone by, however, Belarus has opened itself up more on the international stage, which has attracted more foreign businesses to the country as well as encouraged Belarusian companies to expand outward.

As Belarus continues to become an internationally minded nation, the importance of the Belarusian language continuously increases. For all your Belarusian translation needs—both to and from Belarusian—trust the translation experts at

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Belarusian Translation Delivered by Foremost Experts

Boasting more than 5 million speakers, Belarusian is often confused with Russian, but they’re not the same. In fact, Russian speakers generally can’t even understand Belarusian, although a minority of Belarusian speakers do reside in Russia. Lithuania and Poland also feature Belarusian-speaking communities.

In the past, the Belarusian government favored Russian over Belarusian, but in recent years, it has switched its preference to Belarusian. Both languages enjoy status as an official language, and many Belarusian speakers are also Russian speakers. However, as with nearly any people group, Belarusians feel more connected to content in their native or heritage language, and thus, high-quality Belarusian translation services are essential if you wish to engage this audience. Here at, we have the expertise and skills necessary to deliver unwaveringly accurate Belarusian translation services, regardless of the nature of your content.

Here Are Some of the Materials We Can Translate to and from Belarusian

  • Corporate materials. From business plans and reports to corporate websites and blogs to advertisements and promotional materials, our translation team can help you with your corporate Belarusian translation. We’ll help you build up a consumer base in Belarus—or one outside the country, depending on the direction of your translation project.
  • Legal content. With the help of our partner company, we can help you with translations to and from Belarusian for a wide number of legal documents, including contracts, real estate deeds, wills and trusts, and more. Our partners are leading experts in Belarusian legal translation and guarantee quality.
  • Technical documents. Whether you need a user manual translated into Belarusian or an installation guide translated from Belarusian, you can count on our translation team to provide clear, accurate translations of technical materials.
  • Literary works. It’s our pleasure to bring new stories to the people of Belarus as well as help Belarusians spread their own literature around the world. For Belarusian translation services for novels, short stories, children’s books, and more, work with our Belarusian translation team.

We’ve served clients from Minsk, Lviv, Homyel, and other cities around the world, crafting careful Belarusian translations tailored to their individual needs. We’d be delighted to offer you the same services, completed by a deadline of your choice. Prompt delivery of your translation is always part of our promise when you order our Belarusian translation services.

How can we help you with your Belarusian translation project? Reach out today to inquire further or request a free quote.

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