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Boasting more than 3 million speakers, Lithuanian stands proudly as the most widely spoken language in the Baltic region. Lithuanian is the national language of Lithuania, the most populous Baltic nation, which, alongside its Baltic sisters Latvia and Estonia, has significantly developed its economy since its peaceful liberation from the Soviet Union.

Expanding into Lithuania, whether you’re a business, academic, or author, can be a lucrative move, but professional translation into Lithuanian is indispensable. Though many Lithuanians may speak Russian, English, or German, Lithuanian is still the most important language in the country, and Lithuanians respond more positively to international actors who cater to their native language. At, we manage a team of top-rated Lithuanian translators who translate documents from English to Lithuanian and from Lithuanian to English—so for all your Lithuanian translation needs, look to us.

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Lithuanian Translation Performed by Professionals

As a Balto-Slavic language, Lithuanian’s only living relatives are neighboring Latvian and Latgalian. Lithuanian has a reputation among linguists for its slow evolution over the centuries, retaining much of its historical grammar and vocabulary despite influence from English, Russian, and German. Lithuanian is even said to have preserved features of Proto-Indo-European that other languages lost long ago.

Lithuanian grammar is also complex—the language features two genders and seven cases, creating a complicated nominal declension system with various declension paradigms. Verbs also undergo extensive inflection to express tense, aspect, and mood, with 11 different tenses possible in the indicative mood. Lithuanian has a richer participle system than other Indo-European languages, with different forms for various tenses and voices, and uses a number of diminutive suffixes to indicate a sense of smallness, affection, or endearment. With such complex grammar, word order is relatively free, and changing the word order can create different nuances in a sentence. That’s why Lithuanian is so difficult to translate—but our Lithuanian translators are trained professionals with years of experience.

Let Us Translate Your Documents to or from Lithuanian—No Matter What They Are

  • Academia: Are you associated with the University of Vilnius or another Lithuanian university? Let our Lithuanian translation team transform your Lithuanian-language thesis or journal article into English for international publication, allowing you to build a global reputation. For scholars from outside Lithuania hoping to conduct research in the country, we can also translate your surveys and questionnaires into Lithuanian.
  • Business: Successful expansion into another country necessarily includes the translation and localization of business materials such as business plans, press releases, user manuals, ad copy, and more. If you want to truly capture the hearts of the Lithuanian people, the only path is through the Lithuanian language. Our services are also available to native Lithuanian companies seeking translation into English to expand their business internationally.​
  • Creative content: People may have different tastes, but everyone enjoys a good story, whether it’s in the form of a novel, play, poem, movie, video game, or anything else. Our literary Lithuanian translators are here to bring your creative works to Lithuania with high-quality Lithuanian translation. We can also translate the works of Lithuanian creators into English to help them spread their stories around the world.

Diving into Lithuanian translation services can be intimidating, but our translators have a level of experience and expertise you can trust. We’re proud to serve the good people of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, and beyond, producing Lithuanian translations specially tailored to their individual needs. We also take special care to craft our Lithuanian translations by your specified deadline, guaranteeing that you always receive your translation on time, even if it’s urgent.

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