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The Baltic countries—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—have continuously built themselves up since their peaceful liberation from the Soviet Union in 1991 and show no signs of slowing. Latvia enjoys status as a European Union country, contributing to its economic growth and making it a wise choice for companies looking to expand. Anyone seeking expansion into Latvia will, however, need professional Latvian translation services to capture the market. Though many Latvians can speak English, German, and Russian to some extent, Latvian is always preferred.

As Latvia continues to grow in prominence, the Latvian translators at can assist businesspeople, researchers, content creators, individuals, and anyone else looking to spread their message to the people of Latvia. Our services are equally available for Latvians eying the rest of the world. For top-quality Latvian translation services in either direction, trust our team.

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Top-Quality Latvian Translation from the Foremost Professionals

Latvian is a fairly unique language in Europe, sitting on the Baltic language branch with Lithuanian and Latgalian as its only living relatives. Over the centuries, Latvian has endured influence from German, Russian, and English, but Latvian grammar has largely been preserved, and most of its vocabulary originates from native Latvian roots, fortifying the language barrier between Latvian and English.

Latvian’s 2 million speakers navigate a complicated labyrinth of case declensions and verbal prefixes to communicate. Latvian is a highly inflected language with seven cases and two genders, with some loanwords unassimilated into the language and rendered indeclinable. Definiteness can be expressed through adjectives, and verbs undergo complicated conjugation to express tense, perfectiveness, and mood, including the relatively uncommon quotative to explicitly mark direct speech. With all the complications that Latvian presents, translating to or from the language is hardly a simple task, but for seasoned Latvian translators, it’s no problem—and seasoned Latvian translators are exactly who populate our Latvian translation team.

Trust Us for Latvian Translation for Any Document

  • Scholarly papers. We believe the work of Latvian scholars deserves to be shared with the world—and our academic Latvian translators can make that happen. For any subject, we can translate your Latvian-language journal article or thesis into English. But that’s not all—we can also help international academics translate their papers or surveys into Latvian to enter the Latvian academic scene or conduct research in Latvia.
  • Corporate materials. As Latvia’s GDP continues to grow, it is becoming an increasingly good idea to expand business operations to Latvia. Our business Latvian translators can ensure flowing, natural-sounding Latvian for your product packaging, press releases, business plans, and more. Latvian businesses should similarly take advantage of our translation prowess to capture the global market.
  • Online content. The majority of the Latvian population uses the Internet, but in general, they have to browse the web in English, German, or Russian. Translating digital content such as websites, apps, software, or games is a lucrative opportunity to break into a burgeoning industry and stand out with Latvian-language content.

It doesn’t matter where you live—Riga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, or anywhere else in or out of Latvia. Regardless of location, our Latvian translation professionals will work with you to produce the translation you want, whether it’s from Latvian to English or from English to Latvian. Our competitive prices ensure affordability, and our top-notch translation professionals ensure quality and accuracy in every translation. If you have special requirements for your translation, let us know—we can tailor our translation work to fit your individual needs. Finally, you can choose the turnaround time—we offer several options to fit any schedule. Our Latvian translation services ensure the translation that you want.

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