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Estonia is the northernmost Baltic country, separated from Finland by the Baltic Sea but nonetheless enjoying a close relationship of shared heritage. A proud member of the European Union, Estonia is experiencing continuous economic growth, creating more and more business opportunities in the nation. Similarly, Estonian companies are looking to expand operations outward and attract customers from around the world.

As Estonia grows in prominence, the need for Estonian translation services—both into and out of Estonian—becomes more and more pertinent. That’s precisely why we here at have formed our expert Estonian translation team. Whether you’re an international company hoping to tap into the Estonian market, an Estonian academic wishing to publish an academic paper internationally, a creative looking to translate your work into Estonian, or an Estonian national who requires certified translations of official documents to immigrate to another country, our Estonian translation services may be just what you need.

Fast, accurate, and affordable—that’s what our Estonian translation services are. Request a free quote today.

We’re the Top Estonian Translation Experts

Estonian is spoken by the majority of Estonia, totaling more than 900,000 speakers in the country and an additional 160,000 outside the country. With 1.1 million speakers in total, Estonia is the second-most widely spoken Finnic language, with the eponymous Finnish taking first place. Use of the language is expansive within Estonia, especially with the legal requirement for legal documents, product instructions, advertisements, and more to be translated into Estonian. Any important legal or business information must be made available in Estonian.

Estonian is one of only a handful of languages native to Europe that is not in the Indo-European language family. As a Finno-Ugric language, Estonian bears a close resemblance to Finnish and a more distant relationship to Hungarian. This means it’s an agglutinative language with 14 cases, including the partitive case, a notoriously tricky case for English speakers to master. The Estonian verb conjugation system is also extensive, complete with imperative forms for the first and third person in addition to the second person. All in all, Estonian is a difficult language to translate to and from English—but not for our Estonian translation team.

We Translate a Number of Documents to and from Estonian

  • Academic papers. Whether you want a biology thesis translated into Estonian or a computer science journal article translated from Estonian, our academic Estonian translators are happy to serve you. We have the Estonian translation expertise to translate academic papers in just about any field to suit your needs.
  • Business documents. Want to tap into the lucrative Estonian market? You’ll be legally required to provide pertinent product and business information in Estonian—plus, it will help you gain favor among customers. Want to take your Estonian business abroad? You’ll need translations out of Estonian for your business plan, website copy, and more, since most of the wider world doesn’t understand the language. In either case, our Estonian translation team is ready to help.
  • Digital content. Estonia boasts a high Internet penetration rate and is famous as one of the world’s most advanced digital societies. With free Wi-Fi available even in forests and e-residency options for digital entrepreneurs worldwide, Estonia is a digital leader, so translating your software, apps, games, and more into Estonian makes perfect sense. Similarly, Estonian individuals and organizations can expand their online presence with high-quality English translations.

The above are just examples—our Estonian translation experts can translate just about any document to or from Estonian. We’re eager to help clients all across Estonia, from Tallinn to Tartu, as well as international clients from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Our Estonian translation services are available 24/7, and the deadline is entirely up to you. If you’re looking for accuracy and quality in your Estonian translations, we’re the right translation team for you.

Reach out to us today for more information about your Estonian translation project and a free quote.

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