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Looking to make your mark on the Central European country of Hungary? Hungary is a prosperous country whose economy is increasingly expanding, making it a worthwhile destination for companies seeking new markets. Its academic sphere is booming, with myriad Hungarian scholars ready to share their discoveries with their international peers. Hungary is also a hot market for literary and creative works.

If you want to expand into Hungary, whether you’re a business, academic, or author, you’ll need professional Hungarian translation services. Hungary has the lowest English proficiency rates of any EU country and a high proportion of monolingual Hungarian speakers, meaning that Hungarian is the only way to reach them. Luckily, the Hungarian translation team here at ProofreadingServices.com is ready to get to work translating your content into natural-sounding Hungarian. At the same time, we help Hungarian speakers who want to take their content outside of Hungary by providing Hungarian-to-English translation services.

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Invest in High-Quality Hungarian Translation Services

Hungarian is a unique language in Europe—coming from the Uralic language family, it’s one of the few widely spoken languages in Europe that is not Indo-European. It’s the world’s largest Uralic language, distantly related to Finnish, the largest Finnic language. Perhaps it is precisely Hungarian’s unique position in the heart of Europe that has led to immense pride among the Hungarian people for their language.

Spoken by 13 million people in Hungary, Hungarian is a notoriously difficult language to learn. As an agglutinative language, it appends various affixes to words to express grammatical information, which can make for extremely long words. Hungarian boasts 18 cases—more than most languages with explicitly marked case—and is one of the only European languages to employ a topic–comment structure, like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. All of Hungarian’s idiosyncrasies make it one of the hardest languages in Europe to learn and translate—which is why hiring professional Hungarian translators is so important. These challenges can’t trip up our Hungarian translators.

High-Quality Hungarian Translation Available for the Following and More:

  • Business matters. The Hungarian market is strong, and any company would be wise to tap into it—but professional Hungarian translation is imperative. From product labels and safety manuals to press releases, website copy, and other promotional materials, our Hungarian translators can get your business ready for operations in Hungary. For Hungarian companies looking to go abroad, we offer the same services with the same high level of quality.
  • Literary works. Are you a fiction or nonfiction writer? A film producer? A game designer? Translating your creative content into Hungarian is necessary to capture this lucrative market, and our literary Hungarian translators know exactly how to create an engaging piece of work in Hungarian. Hungarian artists can also reach out for Hungarian-to-English translation services to break into the international market—we do both.
  • Academic endeavors. Let the whole academic world know about your findings with our top-quality academic Hungarian translation services. We help Hungarian-speaking scholars prepare their work for international publication as well as international academics cater to Hungarian peers or research participants with our specialized academic translation services.

High-quality Hungarian translation services are our mission, and we provide them at a competitive price. We let you choose the turnaround, and even if it’s really urgent, we always guarantee on-time delivery. If you have any special requests, let us know—we can tailor our Hungarian translation services to fit your unique needs. So, reach out to us, whether you’re in Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, or anywhere else. We’re ready to help you with Hungarian translation.

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