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With 128 million people packed onto its relatively small island territory, Japan boasts the world’s third-largest economy. Japan is a manufacturing powerhouse with a strong reputation for high-quality automobiles and technology, and it leads the world in robotics innovations. Japan is also the top cultural exporter after the United States, attracting admirers worldwide with its unique blend of traditional Japanese culture and quirky pop culture, including the ever-popular anime and manga. So, if there were ever a lucrative market for an expanding company to conquer, it would be Japan.

Despite Japan’s prominent position on the world stage, few Japanese people speak English well—most are monolingual in Japanese. So, to cater a product, service, or message for Japan, professional Japanese translation services are mandatory. Simultaneously, though Japan’s many international admirers attempt to learn the language, most soon give up, so untranslated content in Japanese will fail to gain hold overseas. At ProofreadingServices.com, however, our Japanese translation team is dedicated to bridging the gap between Japan and the world, so you don’t have to worry.

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Japanese Is Hard—But Not for Our Japanese Translators

Japanese is rated by the US Department of State as the hardest language for English speakers to learn. The primary occupant of the Japonic language family, Japanese is extremely different from English. Relative clauses come before the noun phrase they modify, almost acting like adjectival phrases. Japanese sentences are structured to comment on an often-omitted topic, which can be confusing to learners used to English’s strictly grammatical subject-based structure. Japanese also exhibits a high degree of social deixis, with different vocabulary, verb forms, pronouns, and politeness markers used to express varying degrees of formality and respect.

Japanese generally omits the topic of a sentence if it is obvious, making it a high-context language that can be extremely difficult to translate. The language also uses various first- and second-person pronouns that can express anything from gender and age to respect and politeness and makes heavy use of untranslatable honorifics.

One additional challenge Japanese poses is its unique orthography, made up of three distinct writing systems: kanji, non-phonetic characters originally borrowed from Chinese; hiragana, a native Japanese syllabary; and katakana, a simplified version of hiragana used for loan words and slang. A single Japanese word can be written multiple ways to give off different nuances, but our Japanese translators can expertly make this call. If your content is meant for Japanese children or learners, we can also add furigana—hiragana characters added above kanji—to indicate pronunciation.

So, is Japanese easy to translate? Certainly not. But our professional Japanese translators can do it expertly.

What Do We Translate to and from Japanese?

  • Business translation. Ready to capture the world’s third-largest economy? Our business Japanese translators are here to transform your business plan, product instructions, website, promotional materials, and more into flowing Japanese. We understand all the nuances of Japanese business etiquette to ensure proper formality and politeness in your Japanese business documents. For Japanese companies going abroad, we offer the same level of quality in our Japanese-to-English translation services.
  • Academic translation. Japanese educational institutes harbor a large body of knowledge, but in Japanese, its reach is limited. Our academic Japanese translators help scholars spread their knowledge around the world. We’ve also worked with international academics looking to have their research papers published in Japanese academic journals or aiming to conduct research surveys in Japan.
  • Creative translation. Japanese manga and anime have taken the world by storm, and our Japanese translation team stands ready to translate these unique works for international consumption. We can work with you to determine the best way to translate honorifics and other Japan-specific content while keeping your audience entertained. We’re also well versed in translating foreign creative content for the Japanese market—we have you covered in both situations.

So, whether you’re in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, or Fukuoka, you can take advantage of our Japanese translation services, tailored specifically to you and your project, with a deadline you define. Quality is our mission in our Japanese translation services.

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