List of 30 Books Based in Hong Kong

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Need some books based in Hong Kong? Check out this handy list of relevant examples. In this collection, you'll find a variety of books that are set in that location.
Interested in learning more about Hong Kong? The books below are great but some were published a while ago. Some other resources to learn about Hong Kong include the Crowdsourced Explorer and Wikipedia.

Title Author Publishing Year Genre
A Many-Splendoured Thing Han Suyin 1952 Novel, Fiction
A Modern History of Hong Kong Steve Yui-Sang Tsang 2003 History, Cultural, China, Nonfiction, Politics, Travel
Bruce Lee: A Life Matthew Polly 2018 Biography
East and West Christopher Patten 1998 Biography
Exciting Times Naoise Dolan 2020 Literary fiction, LGBT literature
Fragrant Harbour John Lanchester 2002 Novel, Historical Fiction
Ghetto at the Center of the World: Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong Gordon Mathews 2011 Travel literature
Gweilo: Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood Martin Booth 2004 Autobiography, Biography
Hong Kong Jan Morris 1988 Travel literature
Hong Kong Highs and Lows Hong Kong Writers Circle 2018 Travel literature
Hong Kong Noir Jason Y. Ng 2018 Noir fiction, Mystery
Kowloon Tong: A Novel of Hong Kong Paul Theroux 1997 Novel, Fiction, Mystery
Little Reunions Eileen Chang 2009 Romance novel, Historical Fiction
Love in a Fallen City Eileen Chang 1943 Romance novel
Noble House James Clavell 1981 Novel, Historical Fiction, historical novel
South China Morning Blues Ray Hecht 2015 Urban fiction
Tai-Pan James Clavell 1966 Novel, Historical Fiction
The Borrowed Chan Ho-Kei 2016 Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction
The Dragon Head of Hong Kong Ian Hamilton 2013 Mystery, Fiction
The Expatriates Janice Y.K. Lee 2016 Novel, Literary fiction
The Honourable Schoolboy John le Carré 1977 Novel, Spy fiction, Thriller
The Monkey King Timothy Mo 1978 Historical Fiction, Humour, Psychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction
The Painted Veil W. Somerset Maugham 1925 Novel
The Piano Teacher Janice Y.K. Lee 2009 Novel, Fiction, Romance novel
The Walled City Ryan Graudin 2014 Fiction
The Water Rat of Wanchai Ian Hamilton 2011 Mystery, Fiction, Thriller
The World of Suzie Wong Richard Mason 1957 Novel, Fiction, Romance novel
Umbrellas in Bloom: Hong Kong’s Occupy Movement Uncovered Jason Y. Ng 2016 Nonfiction, China, History
Whispering Shadows Jan-Philipp Sendker 2007 Thriller, Mystery, Literary fiction
White Ghost Girls Alice Greenway 2006 Historical Fiction, Bildungsroman

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