List of 24 Books Based in Jamaica

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In search of books that are set in a particular location? Have a look at this useful list of books based in Jamaica. You'll find the reading material you're looking for here.
Interested in learning more about Jamaica? The books below are great but some were published a while ago. Some other resources to learn about Jamaica include the Crowdsourced Explorer and Wikipedia.

Title Author Publishing Year Genre
A High Wind in Jamaica Richard Hughes 1929 Novel, Fiction
Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King Lloyd Bradley 2000 Music criticism
Black Heart of Jamaica Julia Golding 2008 Young adult fiction, Adventure fiction
Drumblair: Memories of a Jamaican Childhood Rachel Manley 1996 Biography
Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born: Ian Fleming's Jamaica Matthew Parker 2014 Biography
History of Jamaica Clinton Vane de Brosse Black 1961 History
How to Love a Jamaican Alexia Arthurs 2018 Coming-of-age story
Jamaica Me Dead Bob Morris 2005 Humour, Thriller, Mystery, Humorous Fiction
Jamaican Karma: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery T.S. Paul 2019 Paranormal, Mystery
Journal of a Residence Among the Negroes in the West Indies Matthew Lewis 1806
Journey to an Illusion Donald Hinds 1966
Katani's Jamaican Holiday Annie Bryant 2007 Fiction
Lady Nugent’s Journal of Her Residence in Jamaica from 1801 to 1805 Maria Nugent 1907 History
Mastery, Tyranny, and Desire: Thomas Thistlewood and His Slaves in the Anglo-Jamaican World Trevor Burnard 2004 Biography
Soul Rebel: An Intimate Portrait of Bob Marley in Jamaica and Beyond David Burnett 2007
Stone Haven Evan Jones 1993 Domestic Fiction
Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica Zora Neale Hurston 1938 Literary fiction
The Bolt Supremacy: Inside Jamaica’s Sprint Factory Richard Moore 2015 Biography
The Book of Jamaica Russell Banks 1980 Fiction, Travel
The Dead Yard: Tales of Modern Jamaica Ian Thomson 2009 Nonfiction, History, Travel
The Jamaica Station Chris Durbin 2018 Historical Fiction, War story, Nautical fiction
The Mother of Us All Karla Gottlieb 2000 Biography
The Story of the Jamaican People Philip M. Sherlock, Hazel Bennett 1997 Nonfiction, History
The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto: Incarcerated but not Silenced Adidja Palmer, Vybz Kartel, Michael Dawson 2012

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