List of 20 Books Based on Alice in Wonderland

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Want to find books based on Alice in Wonderland? See this handy list of relevant examples. In this collection, you'll find a variety of books that are inspired by or derived from that source.
Title Author Publishing Year Genre
After Alice Gregory Maguire 2015 Fantasy Fiction, Fairy tale
Alice Christina Henry 2015 Fantasy Fiction, Dark fantasy, Historical fantasy
Alice in Sunderland Bryan Talbot 2007 Nonfiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Biography, Art
Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 1 QuinRose 2010 Graphic novel, Fiction
Alice in Zombieland Gena Showalter 2012 Novel, Fiction
Allison's Adventures in Underland C.M. Stunich 2017 Fantasy, Romance, Retellings, New Adult
ArchEnemy Frank Beddor 2009 Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction
Automated Alice Jeff Noon 1996 Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Fantasy Fiction, Steampunk
Curiouser and Curiouser Melanie Karsak 2017 Fairy tale, Steampunk, Fantasy Fiction
Gears of Wonderland Jason G. Anderson 2011 Fantasy. Young Adult, Retellings
Gregor the Overlander Suzanne Collins 2003 Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Adventure, Childrens
Heartless Marissa Meyer 2016 Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Childrens, Adventure
Insanity Cameron Jace 2013 Fiction, Fairy tale
Mad Hatters and March Hares Ellen Datlow 2017 Fantasy Fiction, Dark fantasy
Neverwhere Neil Gaiman 1996 Novel, Fantasy Fiction, Horror fiction, Urban fantasy
Queen of Hearts Colleen Oakes 2014 Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Romance
Seeing Redd Frank Beddor 2007 Novel, Fantasy Fiction
Splintered A.G. Howard 2013 Fantasy, Young Adult, Retellings, Romance
The Collectors’ Society Heather Lyons 2014 Fantasy, Romance, Retellings, New Adult
The Looking Glass Wars Frank Beddor 2004 Novel, Children's literature, Fantasy Fiction

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