List of 20 Books Based on Peter Pan

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In search of books whose story is inspired by a certain source? Check out this handy list of books based on Peter Pan. You'll be sure to find the reading material you need here.
Title Author Publishing Year Genre
Alias Hook Lisa Jensen 2013 Fairy tale, Fantasy Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical fantasy
Capt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth J.V. Hart 2005 Adventure fiction
Escape from the Carnivale Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson 2006 Fantasy, Childrens
Everland Wendy Spinale 2016 Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Adventure fiction, Dystopian Fiction
Forever Neverland Heather Killough-Walden 2010 Fantasy, Retellings, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Young Adult, Romance, Adventure
Hook Terry Brooks 1991 Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult, Adventure, Retellings, Childrens
Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook Christina Henry 2017 Fantasy Fiction, Dark fantasy, Historical fantasy
Lost Girl Chanda Hahn 2016 Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction
Never Ever Sara Saedi 2016 Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction
Neverland Anna Katmore 2014 Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Retellings
Nora & Kettle Lauren Nicolle Taylor 2016 Historical Fiction
Peter and the Starcatchers Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson 2004 Novel, Fantasy Fiction, Adventure fiction, Humour
Peter Darling Austin Chant 2017 Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Romantic fantasy, Chivalric romance, Gay Fiction
Peter Pan in Scarlet Geraldine McCaughrean 2006 Novel, Fantasy Fiction
Second Star Alyssa B. Sheinmel 2014 Young adult fiction
Stars Colleen Oakes 2015 Fantasy Fiction
The Child Thief Brom 2009 Novel, Horror fiction, Fairy tale, Dark fantasy, Fantasy Fiction
The Wendy Erin Michelle Sky 2018 Fantasy Fiction
Tiger Lily Jodi Lynn Anderson 2012 Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction
Unhooked Lisa Maxwell 2016 Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction

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