List of 20 Books Based on Robin Hood

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Want some books that are inspired by or derived from something specific? Take a look at this useful list of books based on Robin Hood. You'll find the reading material you're looking for here.
Title Author Publishing Year Genre
Falls the Shadow Sharon Kay Penman 1988 Historical Fiction, historical novel
Greenwode J. Tullos Hennig 2013 Historical Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Historical fantasy, Fairy tale, Historical romance, Gay Fiction
Hawksmaid Kathryn Lasky 2010 Historical Fiction
Hood Stephen Lawhead 2006 Historical Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Historical fantasy
In the Greenwood Mari Ness 2013 Fairy tale, Fantasy Fiction, Historical fantasy
Lady of the Forest Jennifer Roberson 1992 Historical Fiction, Romance novel, Fantasy Fiction
Maid of Sherwood Shanti Krishnamurty 2013 Fantasy Fiction
Marian Ella Lyons 2016 Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Gay Fiction
Morningstar David Gemmell 1992 Fantasy Fiction
Outlaw Angus Donald 2009 Novel, Historical Fiction, Adventure fiction
Scarlet A.C. Gaughen 2016 Adventure fiction
Sovay Celia Rees 2008 Fiction
The Adventures of Robin Hood Roger Lancelyn Green 1956 Fiction
The Forest Queen Betsy Cornwell 2018 Young adult fiction
The Gallows in the Greenwood Phyllis Ann Karr 2002 Historical Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Historical mystery
The Hooded Man Courtney Sheets 2012 Romance novel, Fantasy Fiction
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pyle 1883 Children's literature, Novel, Historical Fiction
The Outlaws of Sherwood Robin McKinley 1988 Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction
The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood A.E. Chandler 2017 Fiction
Wolf's Head Steven A. McKay 2013 Historical Fiction

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