List of 19 Books With Asexual Characters

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Title Author Published Genre
A Promise Broken Lynn E. O'Connacht 2016 Fantasy Fiction
Before I Let Go Marieke Nijkamp 2017 Fiction, Mystery
Chameleon Moon Ro Anna Sylver 2014 Science Fiction, Paranormal fiction, Dystopian Fiction
City of Strife Claudie Arseneault 2017 Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy, Historical fantasy, Gay Fiction, Epic Fiction
Fourth World Lyssa Chiavari 2015 Science Fiction
His Quiet Agent Ada Maria Soto 2017 Contemporary romance, Gay Fiction
Learning Curves Ceillie Simkiss 2018 Fiction, Romance novel, Contemporary romance
Let’s Talk About Love Claire Kann 2018 Young adult fiction
Outcaste Fletcher DeLancey 2018 Science Fiction, Coming-of-age story, Lesbian literature
Perfect Rhythm Jae 2017 Fiction, Romance novel, Lesbian literature, Contemporary romance, LGBT literature
Quicksilver R.J. Anderson 2012 Science Fiction, Young adult fiction
Radio Silence Alice Oseman 2016 Novel, Fiction
Rising from Ash Jax Meyer 2019 Romance
Tash Hearts Tolstoy Kathryn Ormsbee 2017 Fiction
Thaw Elyse Springer 2017 Romance novel, Gay Fiction
The King’s Name Jo Walton 2001 Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy, Historical fantasy, Gay Fiction, Epic Fiction
The Mystic Marriage Heather Rose Jones 2015 Romance novel, Lesbian literature, Fantasy Fiction, Historical fantasy, Regency romance
The Second Mango Shira Glassman 2013 Fantasy Fiction
The Trouble Daria Defore 2016 Romance novel, Gay Fiction

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