List of 87 Books With Cats as Main Characters

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Title Author Published Genre
A Constellation of Cats Denise Little 2001 Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal Fantasy
A Street Cat Named Bob James Bowen 2012 Biography, Autobiography
Alfie the Doorstep Cat Rachel Wells 2014 Fiction
Androcles and the Lion George Bernard Shaw 1913 Epic Pastiche
Bad Kitty Nick Bruel 2005 Comedy
Baron: The Cat Returns Aoi Hiiragi 2002 Fiction, Graphic novel
Blueskin the Cat Daniel Benshana 2012 Fiction
Bunnicula Deborah Howe 1979 Children's literature
Casper the Commuting Cat Susan Finden 2010 Biography, Children's literature
Catfantastic: Nine Lives and Fifteen Tales Andre Norton 1989 Fantasy, Short Stories, Science Fiction, Animals
Catundra Stephen Cosgrove 1978 Fiction
Catwings Ursula K. Le Guin 1988 Fiction, Children's literature
Charlie the Kitten Who Saved A Life Sheila Norton 2016 Thriller, Domestic Fiction
Chester Mélanie Watt 2007 Fiction
Chinese Whiskers Pallavi Aiyar 2010 Fairy tale, Fiction, Fable
Coraline Neil Gaiman 2002 Fairy tale, Horror fiction, Children's literature, Dark fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal fiction
Dancing Cats and Neglected Murderesses Edward Gorey 1980 Art, Humor, Cats, Gothic, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fiction
Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World Vicki Myron 2008 Biography
Encore, Opera Cat! Tess Weaver 2009 Fiction, Children's literature
Fanny Stephen Cosgrove 1986 Fiction
Fred Posy Simmonds 1980 Fiction
Garfield at Large: His First Book Jim Davis 1980 Comics, Humour, Graphic novel, Slapstick
Homer's Odyssey Gwen Cooper 2009 Biography
Hondo & Fabian Peter McCarty 2002 Fiction, Picture book, Children's literature
Howliday Inn James Howe 1982 Fiction, Mystery
I Am a Cat Natsume Sōseki 1906 Novel, Satire, Comedy, Humorous Fiction
If Cats Disappeared from the World Genki Kawamura 2012 Fiction, Magical Realism
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake Laura Joffe Numeroff 2008 Fiction
Into the Wild Erin Hunter 2003 Children's literature, Fantasy Fiction
James Herriot's Cat Stories James Herriot 1994 Biography
Jennie Paul Gallico 1950 Fiction
Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu Junji Ito 2009 Manga, Graphic novel
Kitten's First Full Moon Kevin Henkes 2004 Fiction, Picture book
Mac and Cheese Sarah Weeks 2009 Fiction, Children's literature
Magicats! Jack Dann 1984 Fantasy Fiction
Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat David Dosa 2009 Biography
Martin's Mice Dick King-Smith 1988 Fiction
Millions of Cats Wanda Gág 1928 Fiction, Picture book, Children's literature
More Adventures of Samurai Cat Mark E. Rogers 1986 Humour, Satire, Fantasy Fiction
Nighty-Nightmare James Howe 1987 Fiction, Mystery
Of Cats and Kings Clare de Vries 2002 Travel literature
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats T.S. Eliot 1939 Poetry, Light poetry
Opera Cat Tess Weaver 2002 Fiction, Children's literature
Oscar: The Bionic Cat Kate Allan 2013 Biography, Autobiography
Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes Eric Litwin 2008 Picture book, Fiction
Poetry for Cats: The Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse Henry N. Beard 1994 Poetry, Humour, Parody
Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space Dominic Walliman 2013 Children's literature, Children's non-fiction literature
Puss in Boots Charles Perrault 1998 Childrens, Classics, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Fiction
Return to Howliday Inn James Howe 1992 Fiction, Mystery
Sam The Cat Detective Linda Stewart 1993 Fiction, Children's literature
Sam, Bangs & Moonshine Evaline Ness 1966 Fiction, Picture book
Samurai Cat in the Real World Mark E. Rogers 1989 Humour, Satire, Fantasy Fiction
Skippyjon Jones Judy Schachner 2001 Children's literature
Smudge Clare Turlay Newberry 1948 Fiction
Socks Beverly Cleary 1973 Novel, Fiction, Children's literature
Solomon's Tale Sheila Jeffries 2012 Fiction
Sparks! Ian Boothby 2018 Comics, Children's literature, Graphic novel
Splat the Cat Rob Scotton 2008 Fiction
Stray A.N. Wilson 1987 Novel, Fiction
Tailchaser's Song Tad Williams 1985 Novel, Fantasy Fiction
The Adventures of Samurai Cat Mark E. Rogers 1984 Short story, Fantasy Fiction
The Alchymist's Cat Robin Jarvis 1991 Fantasy Fiction
The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Terry Pratchett 2001 Humour, Children's literature, Fantasy Fiction
The Amazing Story Of Adolphus Tips Michael Morpurgo 2005 Fiction
The Art of Purring David Michie 2013 Religious Fiction
The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe 1843 Horror fiction, Thriller
The Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss 1957 Fiction, Humour, Picture book, Children's literature
The Cat in the Hat Comes Back Dr. Seuss 1958 Fiction, Children's literature
The Cat Who Came for Christmas Cleveland Amory 1987 Novel, Fiction, Biography, Memoir
The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man Lloyd Alexander 1973 Fantasy Fiction
The Celery Stalks at Midnight James Howe 1983 Fiction
The Complete Chi's Sweet Home, Part 1 Kanata Konami 2015 Graphic Novels, Comics, Animals, Fiction, Children
The Cricket in Times Square George Selden 1960 Fiction, Children's literature
The Fat Cat Jack Kent 1971 Fiction, Folklore
The Good, the Bad and the Furry Tom Cox 2013 Humour, Biography, Nonfiction
The Guest Cat Takashi Hiraide 2001 Novel, Literary fiction
The Incredible Journey Sheila Burnford 1960 Drama, Adventure fiction
The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez Simon Hawke 1992 Mystery, Fantasy Fiction
The Owl and the Pussycat Edward Lear 1871 Poetry, Children, Animals, Fiction, Fantasy
The Rabbi's Cat Joann Sfar 2002 Comics, Graphic novel
The Shy Little Kitten Cathleen Schurr 1946 Fiction, Children's literature
The Sword of Samurai Cat Mark E. Rogers 1991 Fantasy Fiction
The Tale of Tom Kitten Beatrix Potter 1907 Fiction, Children's literature
The Travelling Cat Chronicles Hiro Arikawa 2012 Domestic Fiction, Road Fiction
The Wizard of Santa Fe Simon Hawke 1991 Fantasy Fiction
The World According to Bob James Bowen 2013 Biography, Autobiography
Three Little Kittens Paul Galdone 1988 Fiction, Childrens, Animals

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