List of 248 Words With 'ch' That Sounds Like K

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Need to find words that have a particular type of pronunciation? Check out this list of relevant examples. In this collection, you'll find "ch" words that sound like "k."
achalasia chiropody lichen psychotherapy
ache chiropractor malachite psychotic
Achilles chloride maraschino pulchritude
alchemist chlorinate masochism pyrotechnic
alchemy chlorination masochist pyrotechnics
anachronism chlorine masochistic saccharin
anachronistic chloroform matriarch saccharine
anarchic chlorophyll matriarchal sadomasochism
anarchism choir matriarchy schedule
anarchist cholera mechanic schema
anarchy choleric mechanical schemata
anchor cholesterol mechanism schematic
anchorite choral mechanistic scheme
anchorman chorale mechanization schemer
arachnid chord mechanize scheming
archaeological choreographer melancholia scherzo
archaeologist choreography melancholic schizoid
archaeology chorister melancholy schizophrenia
archaic chorus mocha schizophrenic
archaism Christ monarch scholar
archangel christen monarchical scholarly
archetypal Christendom monarchism scholarship
archetype christening monarchist scholastic
archipelago Christian monarchy scholasticism
architect Christianity monochrome school
architectural Christmas nanotechnology schoolboy
architecture chromatic ocher schoolchild
archival chrome oligarch schoolchildren
archive chromium oligarchy schoolgirl
archivist chromosome orchestra schoolhouse
bacchanalian chronic orchestral schooling
backache chronicle orchestrate schoolmaster
bellyache chronicler orchestration schoolmate
biochemistry chronological orchid schoolmistress
biotechnology chronology pachyderm schoolroom
bronchial chronometer panchromatic schoolteacher
bronchitic chrysalis pantechnicon schooner
bronchitis chrysanthemum parochial sepulchral
bronchus cinchona parochialism sepulchre
catechism clavichord paschal stomach
catechize cochlea patriarch stomachache
chalazion Czech patriarchal strychnine
chameleon dachshund patriarchy synchronization
chamomile dichotomy petrochemical synchronize
chaos drachma polytechnic synchronous
chaotic earache psyche tachograph
character echo psychedelic tech
characteristic epoch psychiatric technetium
characterization Eucharist psychiatrist technical
characterize eunuch psychiatry technicality
characterless harpsichord psychic technician
charisma headache psychoanalysis technique
charismatic heartache psychoanalyst technocracy
chasm hematochezia psychoanalytic technocrat
chemical hierarch psychoanalyze technological
chemist hierarchical psychological technologist
chemistry hierarchy psychologist technology
chemotherapy hypochondria psychology toothache
chiaroscuro hypochondriac psychopath trachea
chimera inchoate psychopathic triptych
chimerical lachrymose psychosis uncharacteristic
chiropodist leprechaun psychosomatic zucchini