List of 132 Compound Words Ending With 'Room'

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Need a list of terms comprising multiple words containing one particular individual word? This collection of such terms is here to help. Here, you'll find compound words ending with "room."
anteroom cookroom legroom schoolroom
art room coolroom lightroom setting room
back room counting room living room showroom
backroom courtroom locker room sickroom
ballroom crush-room lodging-room sitting room
barroom cutting room lounge room smoke room
bathroom darkroom lumber room smoking room
bed-sitting room dayroom lunchroom spare room
bedroom dining room mailroom squad room
black room dorm room master bedroom staffroom
blue room double room meeting room standing room
boardroom drawing room messroom stateroom
boiler room dressing room mudroom steam room
bordroom elbow room multiroom stillroom
boxroom emergency room mushroom stockroom
breakroom engine room newsroom storeroom
bunk room family room operating room strongroom
by-room fireroom outroom summerroom
cardroom foreroom plateroom sunroom
changeroom game room playroom taproom
changing room gold room poolroom tearoom
chart room greenroom post room throne room
chatroom grillroom powder room tiring-room
checkroom growroom pressroom toolroom
chillroom guardroom proofroom waiting room
classroom guest room pump room war room
clean room gun room reading room wardroom
cloakroom headroom rec room wareroom
clubroom homeroom recovery room washroom
coatroom hotel room recreation room wet room
coffee room houseroom restroom wiggle room
combination room junk room rumpus room wire room
common room keeping room salesroom workroom