List of 256 Compound Words for Kids

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Want some compound words for kids? This list of relevant terms can help you. These terms using multiple words to refer to a unified concept are all accessible to young learners.
airplane driveway iceberg sandbox
airport dropdown inside schoolbook
angelfish dugout itself schoolwork
applesauce dustpan jellyfish seashell
armchair earache keepsake seesaw
armpit earlobe keyboard shoelace
babysitter earrings kickball show-off
backbend earthquake kickboxing sidewalk
backpack earthworm kneecap skateboard
ballpark eyeball ladybug snowball
barefoot father-in-law landslide snowflake
baseball fingernail laptop softball
bathtub firecracker leftover solar system
beachball firefighter lifeguard soundproof
bedroom firefly lifetime spaceship
billboard firework lighthouse spearmint
birthday fishbowl litterbug starfish
black hole fisherman locksmith starlight
blueberry fishhook lowercase stingray
boardwalk flagpole lumberjack strawberry
bodyguard flashlight mailbox subway
bookcase football mailman sunburn
bookmark footstep meatball sunflower
bookshelf forearm midnight sunglasses
bookstore forget milkshake sunrise
bow tie forgive moonlight sunroof
brainstorm french fries moonwalk sunset
broadcast gingerbread mother-in-law superhero
bullfrog goalkeeper newborn superstar
busboy goldfish newscast surfboard
butterfly goodnight newsletter tablespoon
butternut grandchild newspaper tadpole
cabdriver grasshopper nightfall tailbone
campfire groundhog nobody tailgate
candlestick hairband nosebleed takeout
car wash hairbrush notebook teacup
cardboard hallway oatmeal teammate
cartwheel hamburger online teamwork
catfish hamstring outer space teardrop
caveman handcuff outside teaspoon
chalkboard handout over-the-counter tennis shoes
cheeseburger handshake overestimate textbook
chocolate chip handstand pancake throwback
classmate hardship pathway timekeeper
classroom hardware paycheck timeline
clockwise headband peanut tugboat
copycat heartbeat peppermint underestimate
cornbread hedgehog pinball underground
cornstalk herself playhouse uplift
crossbow high heels playmate uptown
crosswalk highway policeman video game
crossword hillside ponytail viewpoint
cubbyhole himself popcorn wallflower
cupcake homemade postcard watermelon
daydream hometown pothole waterproof
dishwasher honeydew racquetball website
doghouse hopscotch railroad wheelchair
doorknob horseman rainbow without
downhill horseplay raincoat workbook
downtown hotdog raindrop worksheet
dragonfly housework rattlesnake worldwide
drawbridge humankind restroom wristwatch
drawstring hummingbird rowboat yearbook
dress shoes ice cream sailboat zookeeper