List of 48 Compound Words That Are Adjectives

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Want to find compound words that are adjectives? Have a look at this list of relevant terms. The two-word terms found in this collection are used to ascribe qualities to nouns.
absent-minded good-looking never-ending split-second
deep-rooted high-spirited old-fashioned strong-willed
deep-sea ice-cold one-month sun-dried
deep-seated kind-hearted part-time sunburned
dim-witted last-minute quick-witted thought-provoking
far-reaching long-haired record-breaking time-saving
farsighted long-lasting short-haired tongue-tied
fat-free long-term short-lived well-behaved
forward-thinking middle-aged short-term well-educated
free-standing mouth-watering shortsighted well-known
full-length narrow-minded slow-moving well-mannered
full-time nearsighted smoke-free world-famous