List of 104 Conjunctions and Adverbial Conjunctions That Can Start a Sentence

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Seeking connecting words that can be used at the beginning of a sentence? See this handy list of conjunctions that can start a sentence. You'll be sure to find the vocabulary you need here.
after for this purpose lest still
also for this reason meanwhile subsequently
although furthermore moreover such… that
and how neither… nor supposing
as however nevertheless that
as far as if next the more… the more
as if if only no sooner… than therefore
as long as if... then nonetheless third
as much as in addition not only... but also though
as soon as in case not... but till
as though in conclusion now that to sum up
as well as in contrast on the contrary ultimately
assuming that in fact on the following day unless
because in order (that) on the other hand until
before in short once what
being as in spite of only if whatever
besides in summary or when
by the time in the end presently whenever
consequently in the meantime provided where
conversely in the same manner provided that wherever
even if in the same way rather than whether
even though inasmuch as scarcely… when whether... or
finally just as second while
for last of all similarly who
for example lastly since whoever
for instance later so why