List of 10 Crossword Puzzles About History

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Want some fun resources for teaching English that help improve comprehension? This handy list of English crossword puzzles about history can help you. You'll be sure to find the resources you need here.
  • Ancient Egypt Crossword Puzzle (When We Crosswords)
  • AP US History Crossword Puzzzle (Rudolph Academy Teacher Resources)
  • Famous African American Crossword Puzzle (Rudolph Academy Teacher Resources)
  • Famous African-Americans Throughout History Crossword Puzzle (Love to Know)
  • U.S History Sample (Q.E.T.S)
  • U.S. History Crossword Puzzle (StudyLib)
  • U.S. History Crossword Puzzle (Vocab Test)
  • US History & Election Day Crossword Puzzle (Connections Academy)
  • World History (Fun Trivia)