List of 20 Crossword Puzzles About Sports

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Seeking English teaching resources that are fun and help improve comprehension? See this list of relevant examples. In this handy collection, you'll find English crossword puzzles about sports.
  • 1980 Dallas Cowboys Crossword Puzzle (ProProfs Games)
  • Baseball (Crossword Hobbyist)
  • Basketball Crossword Puzzle (When We Crosswords)
  • Basketball Crossword Puzzle (Washington-Centerville Public Library)
  • Compadres Kids Crossword (MLB Static)
  • Crosswords (
  • Football (Crossword Labs)
  • Hockey Crossword Puzzle (Crossword Puzzles)
  • NFL Teams (My Printable Puzzles)
  • NHL Hockey (Agile Crosswords)
  • Soccer (Hanging Hyena)
  • Soccer Crossword (Boggles World ESL)
  • Soccer Crossword Puzzle (I Heart English)
  • Softball Crossword (Home School Journeys)
  • Softball Crossword Puzzle (Google Docs)
  • Sporting KC Crossword: For Club and Country (Sporting Kansas City)
  • Sports assortment (Fun Trivia)
  • Sports Crossword (EnglishClub)
  • The Crossword Puzzle (
  • Your Crossword Puzzle (Surrey Schools)