List of 12 Crossword Puzzles for Vocabulary Building

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You might be trying to find English teaching resources that are enjoyable and build vocabulary. Want to find something specific? Here's a useful list of English crossword puzzles for vocabulary building.
  • Chorus Vocab Crossword Puzzle (Armored Penguin)
  • Education crossword - Subjects studied in a British school (Learn English)
  • Football (Crossword Labs)
  • Force Vocabulary (StudyLib)
  • Music Crossword (Alfred Music)
  • Physics Terms Crossword Puzzle (When We Crosswords)
  • Physics Vocab (Force/Motion) (Educaplay)
  • Printable Crossword Puzzles (English Hints)
  • Soccer Terms Crossword Puzzle (When We Crosswords)
  • Vocabulary (General) Crossword Puzzles (Crossword Hobbyist)
  • Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle: Chorus Vocab (
  • World Cup & Football (Soccer) Crossword Puzzle (ESL Castle)