List of 10 Crossword Puzzles for Kindergarten

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In search of English teaching resources that are fun and help improve comprehension? This list of relevant examples is here to help. In this handy collection, you'll find English crossword puzzles for kindergarten.
  • Action Noun Collocation Crossword (English 4 Kids)
  • Animals & action verbs vocabulary puzzle (Kids ESL Games)
  • Barney Owlet’s crossword puzzle (The Barn Owl Trust)
  • Crossword (K5 Learning)
  • Crossword Puzzle (Duckster)
  • Crossword Puzzle (Super Teacher Worksheets)
  • Crossword Puzzle (American Library Association)
  • Egyptian Crossword (Kids Puzzles and Games)
  • Just for Kids (Dakota Zoo)
  • Zoo Activity Sheet (Kids Puzzles and Games)