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You might have noticed that more and more CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs are publishing books on business practices, management, leadership, economics, insights into their industry, and more. And you might be asking yourself how your peers find the time to write and publish a book. The truth is, they probably didn’t. Most of them probably worked with a ghostwriter who channeled their voice, style, and expertise into a compelling and professionally crafted manuscript, and that’s why you’re seeing their face on the cover of a best-selling book. 

Even if the CEO’s name is the only one that appears on the cover of the book, in most cases, nonfiction business books are produced by ghostwriters. The ghostwriter signs an NDA that keeps them shrouded in anonymity, accepting a handsome monetary reward in exchange for giving up the right to be credited for their writing. The content and ideas in the book are entirely generated by the author (i.e., the CEO or business leader). All the ghostwriter is doing is putting it all together in a cohesive and engaging way—so there are no ethical concerns.

If you would like to learn more about working with a ghostwriter and publishing your own book, check out our ghostwriting services for CEOs and get a free, no-obligation consultation today. If you’re not sure whether you need to hire a ghostwriter, the following questions can help you figure that out. 

1. Do you want to publish a book? Or do you want to publish online content like blog posts?

If you’re not interested in publishing a book but want to know more about hiring a writer for your online content, contact our team for a free consultation. Online content writers function similarly to ghostwriters but focus on short-term content in various forms rather than structuring one big book. Online content writers can help you compose engaging blog posts, press releases, white papers, website copy, and more in a consistent and professional voice, boosting your company’s online image. But if you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, solidify your personal brand, and give your business a marketing boost, publishing a book might be just what you need. 

Claiming status as a published author is becoming an increasingly popular way for CEOs and entrepreneurs to bring attention to their businesses. Hiring a professional ghostwriter is the surest way to produce an industry-standard, high-quality book that will impress potential clients and the competition. It’s also a sure way to turn your book idea into a concrete reality instead of confining it to the back of your mind, loosely veiled by the vague intention to write a book someday.

2. Do you have time to write the book yourself?

Most businesses and CEOs outsource their content writing needs to ghostwriters because they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves. Running a successful business eats up most of a business leader’s time, leaving little room left for a major project like writing a book. Writing a book requires a lot of energy and dedication. If you’ve been thinking about writing a book for a while, or even started to write it but left it unfinished due to time constraints, it might be time to hire a ghostwriter and outsource the heavy lifting to a professional. This way, you can guarantee your great ideas and insights make it into a book—and on a reliable timeline that you work out with your ghostwriter in advance.

3. Are you a good writer? 

Besides getting their book written quickly, most people who hire ghostwriters do it because they don’t feel like they have the writing skills to write the book themselves. You may be a great public speaker who can find all the right words during presentations and conferences, but that doesn’t always translate to the blank page. This is especially true when you’re trying to weave together a compelling and coherent narrative to bring all your ideas and anecdotes together. Creating a narrative that draws in the reader is exactly what professional writers are trained to do, and the right ghostwriter will know exactly how to express your ideas in the most gripping way possible. A ghostwriter also knows what’s marketable and likely to click with your target audience, so they can help you take your ideas and refine them into content more suitable for a bestseller. 

4. Can you afford to hire a ghostwriter? 

As a CEO, you understand bottom lines better than most people. Like any other professional service, a good ghostwriter won’t be cheap, but hiring one will definitely be a worthy investment. Your published book will not only bring attention to your business but also free up your time to focus on growth. When considering the cost of hiring a ghostwriter, remember to factor in the opportunity cost that attempting to write the book on your own would incur.

Business owners know better than most that a happy employee earning fair wages will work harder and better than someone who feels unappreciated and underpaid, and it’s no different when it comes to ghostwriters. Because your book will represent you and your company, you want to work with someone who will show you and the project the utmost respect and dedication from beginning to end. So don’t go for the cheapest service you find out there—go for the best. In ghostwriting, you really do get what you pay for.

If you’re ready to work with an amazing team of experienced ghostwriters, contact our ghostwriting services for CEOs and get a free consultation today. 

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