Don’t Wait to Write Your Book: It Could Mean Waiting Forever

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It might seem like your fanciful, unfinished book is no big deal, but it’s actually a matter of life and death—your book’s, that is. If you wait for the next vacation, the next long weekend, the next time your kids stop bugging you for attention, you’ll never write your book. There will never be a “perfect time”; life will always throw some obstacles in your way. 

Write your book now! You could also hire a ghostwriter for your business book or your memoir, which is how most books like these are written. Either way, it (and its benefits) will become real when you put pen to paper. A book is a source of untapped potential that can boost your reputation, enhance your credibility, and expand your brand. In short, it’s an invaluable investment. 

The benefits of writing your book now

Imagine handing someone a signed copy of your book—what a thrill, right? However, your book gives you more than an ego boost or a quick stop on a bestseller list (though that doesn’t hurt). 

Here are some ‌advantages of completing a book:

  • An instant, effective tool for marketing and sales, driving up revenue for your company
  • A swift way to boost your market presence and land speaking gigs
  • A testament to your knowledge and a base for your unique and interesting tale, cementing you as a thought leader
  • A vessel for your ideas and story, told your way (even with a ghostwriter!) 
  • A more personal way to connect with and build rapport with your followers

One reason some people don’t get around to writing their book is the excuse that they haven’t built their business up enough to merit a book. They see a book as the crown for a coronation. However, that’s a flimsy excuse. You surely have lots of great stories to tell from your experiences thus far, not to mention that your book can help you market your business and expand it. Think of it as a signal amplifier: It will bring your message, your abilities, your knowledge, and your products to the forefront. You don’t need to have accomplished everything you aim for; you have almost certainly accomplished enough to produce a fascinating read, and that’s really what readers care about.

Boost public perception of your expertise

Even for today’s tech-savvy generation, “star blogger” doesn’t carry the same weight as “bestselling author.” For one thing, books contain far more information and thus demand a serious commitment in terms of time, effort, and money. Also, your book has to have value to be accepted by a publisher: Those are notoriously strict and have no scruples about tossing manuscripts into the trash bin. 

Books have authority, and we regard authors with respect and trust them. Almost every prominent politician, captain of industry, lifestyle guru, and celebrity has a book to their name. Publishing a book is one of the best ways to elevate your brand, establish your expertise, and demonstrate your knowledge. The faster you write it, the faster others can see it. As renowned corporate executive Angela Ahrendts said, “Great brands and great businesses have to be great storytellers, too.”

People also write books to tell their own stories on their terms. A book is a great opportunity to reveal your true self to your audience. If you’re a shrewd entrepreneur but have a quick wit and a passion for fishing, that handily beats a potential first impression as a workaholic company owner. Show your readers there’s a real person behind the business. A book provides you with a platform from which you can share your message and story with as many personal anecdotes as you want. 

How to easily make it happen

It may seem impossible—you’re too busy running an enterprise to spare the time for writing a book. On top of that, there’s all the proofing and publishing preparation. However, you don’t actually have to write a book to publish one. That’s where a professional ghostwriter comes in. They take your ideas, get to know you through extensive interviews, and write the book in your voice. You retain full control and can veto anything you want, so don’t worry about the ghostwriter taking liberties with your story. You can get your business book or your memoir completed efficiently and professionally with the help of a ghostwriter. The future is now! 

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