List of 12 English Handouts for Elementary Students

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Need some English handouts for elementary students? Here's a list of relevant resources. In this collection, you'll find language teaching materials aimed at that age group.
  • All About Me Worksheet (Live Work Sheets)
  • Elementary English Activities for Adults and Young Learners (Esol Courses)
  • English Learner Lesson Plans (Education)
  • ESL Elementary Materials (ESL Lounge)
  • ESL Elementary School Worksheets (iSLCollective)
  • ESL Handouts (ESL Lesson Handouts)
  • Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Seasonal Bundle-math & Literacy Pack (1st Grade) (Teachers Pay Teachers)
  • Grammar Tests Exercises - Elementary (Agenda Web)
  • Greetings, Introductions and First Day Exercises For Elementary ESL Learners (ESL Flow)
  • Kids English Lesson Samples (Fredisa Learns)
  • Self-Esteem & Confidence Kit (Ages 5-11) (Big Life Journal)
  • Talking Point Lesson Plans (TEFL)