List of 26 English Words That Originated From Sanskrit

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Want some English words that originated from Sanskrit? Try this useful list of such terms. Here you'll find a range of words that entered English from your chosen language.

Sanskrit is an influential classic language, similar to Latin, with no native speakers but many foreign-language speakers. Its influence is strong in India, and it’s even an official language in Uttrakhand.

Word Origin
Aryan ārya
avatar avatāraḥ
axis akṣaḥ
better bhadra
cot khaṭvā
ghee ghṛta
guru guru
jackal sṛgāla
jute jūṭa
lilac nīla
loot luṇṭ
man manu
mantra mantra
mother mātṛ
mugger makara
new návaḥ
opal upala
orange nāraṅga
pundit paṇḍita
sandalwood candana
shampoo capayati
Singapore siṃhá-pura
sucrose śarkarā
sugar śarkarā
thug sthaga
zero śūnya