List of 18 Sets of Flashcards About Emotions

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Want some flashcards for a particular topic? This list of relevant examples can help you. In this collection, you'll find online sources of flashcards for emotions.
  • 40 Emotion Photo Cards (Sister Sensory)
  • British Council Feelings Flashcards (British Council)
  • BusyTeacher Feelings and Emotions Flashcards (Busy Teacher)
  • Emoji Emotions Flashcards (Tea Time Monkeys)
  • Emotion Cards for Toddlers (Twinkl)
  • Emotion Flashcards (with Emotional Robots) (Mr Printables)
  • Emotions & Feelings Flashcards for Special Education (Teachers Pay Teachers)
  • Emotions and Expressions Flashcards (Etsy)
  • Emotions and Feelings Flashcards (Boggles World ESL)
  • Emotions Flashcard Bundle (Parents With Confidence)
  • Emotions Flashcards for Kids (Amazon)
  • ESL Printables Emotion Flashcards (ESL Printables)
  • ESL-Kids Feelings Flashcards (ESL Kids)
  • Feelings and Emotions Flashcards (Mes English)
  • Feelings Flash Cards (Amazon)
  • Feelings Flashcards and Games (Doing Good Together)
  • Feelings Flashcards for Kindergarten (Flashcards For Kindergarten)
  • Five Little Pumpkins Flashcards (Super Simple)