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Belgium is a famously multilingual country. The southern area, known as Wallonia, speaks French, while the northern part, called Flanders, speaks Flemish, often considered a dialect of Dutch. Brussels, the capital, is predominantly a French-speaking city but is officially bilingual, and as the capital of the European Union, Brussels—and Belgium more generally—experiences a strong need for translation into English, the world’s de facto lingua franca.

With its strong, international economy, Belgium is a hotspot for businesses’ foreign expansion, and translation into Flemish is an important way to engage the population of Flanders. At the same time, swaths of Flanders-based companies market to the outside world regularly, for which translation into English is indispensable. There are a number of other reasons why one might require Flemish translation services as well, such as publishing academic work in an international journal or marketing a book to a Flemish-speaking audience. Whatever your translation needs are, you can count on ProofreadingServices.com’s Flemish translation team.

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Professional Flemish Translation Services Are Invaluable

Flemish is often considered a Dutch dialect, but according to the people of Flanders, Flemish is its own fully fledged language. It boasts 6.5 million speakers in Flanders, although it is mutually intelligible with its northern neighbor, Dutch. Understanding of French and English is also high in Flanders, but if you want to truly connect with a Flemish audience, investing in translation into Flemish is more than worth it.

As a West Germanic language, Flemish bears a number of similarities to English. The vocabulary is somewhat similar, and the grammar is relatively easy for an English speaker to understand, although the gender system can be tricky. The word order also presents challenges, with the verb obligatorily placed in the second position of a main clause and at the end of a subordinate clause. Flemish’s use of modal particles can also complicate the rendering of Flemish translation services. Luckily, our Flemish translators have years of experience behind them, guaranteeing quality in their Flemish translations.

Do You Need Flemish Translation Services?

From businesses to academics to novelists, Flemish translation services have a wide range of applications. Here’s a small sample:

  • Business translation: Home to the capital of the European Union, Belgium is indisputably an international country, making translation out of Flemish essential for communication to international partners as well as foreign residents. However, companies moving into Flanders would also be wise to respect the local population and engage them in their native language. Here at ProofreadingServices.com, our Flemish translation team can help with both.
  • Certified translation: Our Flemish translators are happy to provide certified translations of passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other documents required for immigration. If you’re immigrating to Flanders, we’ll translate them into Flemish, and if you’re moving out into the wider world, we can translate your documents into English.
  • Academic translation: Are you a Flemish-speaking researcher who wants to reach a larger audience? Trust our professional Flemish translation team to expertly translate your academic paper, regardless of your field. And if you’re a foreign scholar looking to cater to a Flemish-speaking audience or conduct a survey in Flanders, we’ll translate your materials accurately into Flemish.
  • Digital translation: The world is becoming more and more digital, and this is particularly true in Belgium, with its extremely high Internet penetration rate. Flemish speakers have limited access to native-language materials on the web, so you can stand out by offering your website, software, application, or game in Flemish. If it’s already in Flemish, you can expand your reach dramatically by having it translated into English. Our team offers both Flemish translation services.

Our dedication to quality means we never resort to machine translation in our Flemish translation services. With skilled, highly experienced human Flemish translators, we guarantee quality and timely delivery every time, whether you’re ordering from Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, or anywhere else in Flanders or the world.

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