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It’s impossible to dispute the importance of the French language in the world and throughout history. The original lingua franca, French is a high-prestige language spoken natively by more than 76 million. When second-language speakers are added to the equation, this figure jumps to roughly 274 million. France is the primary base of French speakers, but the language also has a strong foothold in Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada, which takes its bilingualism extremely seriously. French is also still used as a lingua franca across swaths of North and West Africa.

Given the importance of French, the necessity of French translation services is also evident. Translation into French can give a company, researcher, content producer, or anyone else access to a massive audience proud of their language, and similarly, translation out of French into English can open up content to the entire world. No matter which direction you need for your French translation services, the French translation team at ProofreadingServices.com stands ready to help.

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We’re Utmost French Experts

A descendent of Latin, French stands out from its cousins Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese particularly in its pronunciation, which was heavily influenced by the Gaulish language. The language famously employs grammatical gender, and it commands a broad verbal inflection system to express tense. All in all, French is relatively similar to English, but many French speakers nonetheless don’t speak English.

Perhaps partly due to French’s former status as the lingua franca, French speakers tend to harbor immense pride in their language, which is often considered the “language of love.” Disseminating English-language material will do little to garner a francophone audience, so French translation services are imperative. Of course, however, English speakers still greatly outnumber French speakers, so expansion out of the French-speaking world requires professional French translation services as well. Our French translators are seasoned experts passionate about translating texts to or from French, and they’d be thrilled to assist.

Who May Require French Translation Services?

Not sure who we serve? Here’s a list of some of the areas in which we offer French translation services:

  • Academia. The French-speaking world is brimming with talented researchers and scholars who want to share their work more broadly with the world, and our academic French translators are eager to help. Simultaneously, international scholars may wish to engage a francophone audience, and our French translation team can assist with that, too.
  • Business. France—and Canada, Switzerland, West Africa, and more—are big markets that many companies are eying for expansion. French customers will have little respect for businesses that advertise in English, Quebec legally requires businesses to use French, and West Africa contains so many indigenous languages that French is often the only way to communicate broadly—but we can help translate your business and marketing materials into French. We can also help you expand to non-French-speaking parts of the world with translation into English.
  • Creative content. Our French translation team is passionate about bringing novels, films, games, and other creative works to the French people. With a French translation, your work can reach a massive new audience and entertain millions of people. And if you’re a French-speaking artist, consider translation into English—that way, your work can reach the whole world.

We work with clients from all over the world—Paris, Marseille, Montreal, Brussels, Geneva, or even Kinshasa. If you have access to the Internet, you have access to our top-quality French translation services, which come with a guarantee of timely delivery, even if you have an urgent deadline. We work with all sorts of content, even technical jargon or creative works, regardless of the field. We use our French translation services to help you reach a new audience.

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