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If you’re looking to work with a language with wide reach, try Spanish—while English may have more speakers in total, Spanish boasts more native speakers. With the Hispanic world stretching from Spain to most of Central and South America to even Africa’s Equatorial Guinea, the Spanish language has massive global influence. And that’s not counting the Spanish-speaking diaspora, with sizeable communities in countries like the United States. Seen as a beautiful language with a fun-loving culture, Spanish is also one of the top languages for English speakers to learn.

Spanish’s wide reach and influence render it a prime candidate for translation when any company or artist is looking to expand internationally. The same goes for the opposite direction—while Spanish-speaking businesses or writers have more than half a billion speakers to market their content to, translation into English helps them open themselves up even more. In either direction, Spanish translation services are invaluable—and we at ProofreadingServices.com are here to provide them, thanks to our professional Spanish translation team.

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Translate to and from Spanish with Bona Fide Professionals

​Spanish is a Romance language that developed from Latin in the Iberian Peninsula following the collapse of the Roman Empire. Spanish maintains closer similarities to Latin than some other Romance languages, with 75% of the vocabulary derived from Vulgar Latin dialects. The remaining 25% comes from various languages, including Arabic, other Romance languages (such as French, Italian, and Portuguese), and indigenous American languages such as Nahuatl and Quechua.

Like most other Romance languages, Spanish uses two genders and no cases, having lost the extensive Latin case system. The adjectives accompanying a noun must also be declined according to gender and number. Spanish verbs are complex, declining for various persons, tenses, aspects, and moods, resulting in around 50 conjugated forms per verb. As a pro-drop language, Spanish tends to drop subject pronouns when the referent is obvious, meaning context is required to understand the language. However, our Spanish translators are used to this and provide Spanish translations with ease.

We’re Excited to Translate to and from Spanish for the Following Documents and More:

  • Scholarly materials. Whether you’re a Hispanic academic hoping to make your journal article more available to the international academic sphere or a foreign researcher looking to make a splash in the Spanish-speaking academic world, our academic Spanish translators are here to cover all your academic Spanish translation needs. Our Spanish translators hail from a range of backgrounds and are well suited to provide academic translations in a number of subjects, so don’t worry about technical jargon.
  • Works of literature. Translating literature into various languages is a particular passion of ours. We’re firm believers in the power of literature, and we believe everyone should have access to high-quality reading material in their native language. So, we hereby invite English and Spanish authors alike to hire our literary Spanish translators to craft smooth, flowing translations into the other language that help you widen your audience and allow more people to dive into the world you’ve created.
  • Corporate content. With such a huge market, any business would be wise to jump into the Spanish-speaking world. But if you don’t translate your material into Spanish, you won’t get far. Invest in high-quality Spanish translation for your business presentations, financial reports, website copy, advertisements, and more, and watch your business grow in the Hispanic market. If you’re a Spanish-speaking business, take advantage of our business translators’ prowess to obtain flowing translations of your business collateral into English, which will allow you to capture the ever-important global market.

Our Spanish translation services are open to anyone—we don’t discriminate. Whether you’re a company planning to set up a branch in Madrid, a researcher in Mexico City hoping to publish in an international journal, an author in Santiago aiming to make it big globally, or a game developer in Bogotá eying high-quality translation into English, our Spanish translators are here to make your vision a reality.

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