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Portuguese is the seventh-most widely spoken language in the world—and it’s all thanks to Brazil. Though Portuguese is spoken in numerous countries—including Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, Macau, Cabo Verde, and East Timor—Brazil accounts for 211 million of Portuguese’s 250 million native speakers. Even though Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America, the country’s sheer size means more than half of the South American population speaks Portuguese.

Thus, the need for a translation service that specifically focuses on the variant of Portuguese spoken in Brazil is evident. For both companies and individuals hoping to break into South America’s important BRICS nation and Brazilians who want to take their endeavors to the global stage, is here to provide top-quality Brazilian Portuguese translation services.

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We’re Experts in Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Portuguese is a Romance language, meaning it sits beside French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian (among other smaller languages) as a descendent of Latin. Seven countries have made Portuguese an official language, although Brazilian Portuguese is official only in Brazil, with status as a recognized minority language in Uruguay, Suriname, and French Guiana. Brazilian exhibits a number of differences from European Portuguese, making it a highly distinct dialect, although the two variants enjoy a high level of mutual intelligibility and are still generally considered the same language by linguists.

With Brazilian Portuguese being a major language in South America and the world in general, translations to and from the language should be handled with care. Our translation team comprises experienced translation professionals eager to help you spread your message in Brazilian Portuguese or English.

Who Are Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services For?

  • Companies and businesspeople. Brazil is a BRICS country, meaning that while it is considered a developing country, its economy is expanding rapidly, and it represents a lucrative market for international businesses to tap into. Similarly, Brazilian businesses would be wise to expand their reach by venturing outside Brazil and into the English-speaking world. Our translators can help you with Brazilian Portuguese translation for any sort of business document.
  • ​Immigrants and travelers. The need for Brazilian Portuguese translation services applies both to Brazilian citizens who need their passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and other official documents translated for immigration or travel to another country and to foreign nationals who need translations into Brazilian Portuguese to immigrate or travel to Brazil. We provide certified translation services for any sort of official documentation, so we cover both sides.
  • Researchers, professors, and students. Our translation team has translated numerous academic papers from Brazilian Portuguese to help Brazilian scholars publish their work internationally. Similarly, we’ve assisted countless foreign academics translate surveys, questionnaires, and papers into Brazilian Portuguese to conduct research in Brazil.

At, we’re dedicated to high-quality Brazilian Portuguese translation services rendered exclusively by human translators and never machines. Our extensive experience allows us to work with a wide array of documents, and our careful time management ensures we can always deliver your translation on time. So, for the leading Brazilian Portuguese translation services on the market, trust our translation team, whether you’re in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or Brasília.

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