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It often surprises people to know that Portuguese is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet. While much of the Portuguese-speaking population uses Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese is used across the globe—not just in Portugal but also in African and Asian countries like Mozambique, Angola, Cabo Verde, East Timor, and Macao. This makes European Portuguese an important language for business, academic, and creative translation endeavors.

If you’re a businessperson or scholar who wants to engage the Portuguese-speaking world, European Portuguese translation services are a must. Similarly, if you’re a lusophone company or academic who wants to expand your reach to the rest of the world, hiring experts to translate out of European Portuguese is paramount. In either case,’s European Portuguese translation team is here to assist.

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European Portuguese Is Distinct from Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese originated in Portugal, naturally, but it found a new home in Brazil, whose population subsequently exploded and established Portuguese as a major world language. Over the years, the two variants of the language have drifted further apart, resulting in numerous differences in accent, writing conventions, stylistic choices, and, in certain cases, lexicon and grammar. The two languages are distinct enough that if you want to engage a European Portuguese audience, it’s best to hire European Portuguese translators specifically.

Portuguese hails from the Romance family, bearing a particularly close relationship with Galician, Spanish, and Italian. In fact, Portuguese speakers can often understand Spanish to some extent, although Spanish speakers struggle to understand Portuguese. However, Portuguese speakers are proud of their language and respond best to content translated professionally into Portuguese. European Portuguese speakers also appreciate the additional effort to produce European Portuguese translations, rewarding companies and individuals who do so with extra loyalty and favorability. That’s why we’re proud to offer European Portuguese translations.

A Small Smattering of Documents We Can Translate to and from European Portuguese:

  • Business materials. From business plans and reports to internal manuals and HR handbooks to advertisements, posters, and other promotional material, if you’re looking to translate business documents to or from European Portuguese, we can help. Our translators have years of experience translating to and from European Portuguese for businesses, helping them break into lucrative new markets.
  • Academic documents. Whether you’ve penned a dissertation you’re looking to publish in the lusophone world or a journal article you’re hoping to gain international acclaim for, the academic European Portuguese translation team at is right for you. Our translators cover a wide range of academic fields to ensure your European Portuguese translation is always accurate.
  • Websites. The Internet is widely used in Portugal and Macao, and other lusophone countries, like Cabo Verde, Mozambique, and East Timor, are rapidly expanding in terms of Internet penetration. That makes it an important and worthwhile endeavor to translate your website into European Portuguese—or into English, if it’s already in European Portuguese. We can help with both.

We’re dedicated to providing European Portuguese translation services to clients from around the world, whether they’re in Lisbon, Luanda, Maputo, or Dili. Our translation services are available to businesses, academics, novelists, and individuals who wish to connect with a new audience in the lusophone world or gain an international readership in English. And if you’re in a rush, don’t worry—we know how to work quickly while also delivering unwavering quality in our European Portuguese translations.

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