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Southern Quechua holds a special title: it’s the most widely spoken indigenous language in the Americas. This Quechuan language is spoken by nearly 7 million people in the Andes region, which covers parts of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. Southern Quechua is even an official language in Bolivia and Peru. So don’t overlook this powerful indigenous South American language.

With Spanish acting as the dominant language in the regions where Southern Quechua is spoken, most translation companies that deal with the language only translate to and from Spanish. At ProofreadingServices.com, we saw the need to connect Southern Quechua to the international community with translation services between Southern Quechua (as well as other Quechuan languages, such as Ancash Quechua) and English. Our Southern Quechua translators are available to help translate to and from Southern Quechua, whether you’re a company, academic, or author.

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The Importance of Professional Southern Quechua Translation Services

Like many indigenous American languages, Southern Quechua is a morphologically complex agglutinative language, meaning it constructs long words from numerous affixes. Though Southern Quechua doesn’t have grammatical gender, nouns are marked for plurality, and different suffixes can be added to indicate possession of the noun by different grammatical persons. Then, nouns also decline for 19 cases, many of which are fairly narrowly defined.

Southern Quechua verbs are similarly complicated, conjugating for person, number, and tense or aspect. Like nouns, verbs can take a number of suffixes to indicate different grammatical information, sometimes entirely changing the verb. For example, Southern Quechua features verbal suffixes for causativity, reflexivity, progression, and reciprocity. Then, there’s one of the defining features of Quechuan languages: evidentiality. Southern Quechua uses special morphemes to indicate the source of information, with three tiers: direct evidence, inference or conjecture, and hearsay. Since English doesn’t contain this feature, it can complicate Southern Quechua translation. But if you hire true professionals—like the ones on our team—to craft your Southern Quechua translations, you’ll end up with reliable, accurate translations that allow you to effectively break down language barriers.

We Can Translate the Following to and from Southern Quechua:

  • Historical documents. Southern Quechua once dominated the Inca Empire, leaving it with an important legacy filled with historical writings. Our Southern Quechua translators are dedicated to assisting historians, academics, researchers, and others with translating these valuable historical documents into English.
  • Stories and literature. With Southern Quechua’s rich history comes a longstanding tradition of storytelling. Throughout the ages and into the modern day, Southern Quechua speakers have created enriching stories, and our translation team is here to help Southern Quechua authors and writers take their works to the international level with professional translation into English. We can also translate international works into Southern Quechua!
  • Online material. Even as more and more Southern Quechua speakers enter the online world, the amount of Southern Quechua content online remains low. Whether you run a retail website, a blog, an informational site, or anything else, our translators can help you stand out and cultivate a new audience with Southern Quechua translation services.
  • Digital content. In a similar vein to online material, Southern Quechua speakers are increasingly using software programs, mobile games, games, and more—but they’re generally restricted to Spanish. Broaden the domain of use for Southern Quechua while standing out and fostering loyalty from the Southern Quechua community toward your brand.

At ProofreadingServices.com, we understand the importance of recognizing minority languages and offering high-quality translation services for them. Our Southern Quechua translators are experts in the language and are passionate about transforming text between Southern Quechua and English for business purposes, academic intentions, literary aims, and more. We work at any time of the day to serve your translation needs, and we heed your specified deadline to ensure you get the translation you need.

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