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Make your writing shine as brightly as your ideas.

High writing quality enhances the influence of your ideas and better engages your audience, among additional benefits. Conversely, poor writing quality can render even the most brilliant notions boring and ineffective.

ProofreadingServices.com, the top English proofreading and editing service on the web, employs only the most skilled proofreaders and editors, and they’ll ensure that you reap the benefits of excellent writing. We’re confident in our abilities because numerous scholarly researchers, business leaders, authors, and other writers from across Leicester, from Leicester Cathedral to the National Space Centre, have already experienced the perks of professionally edited texts. Whether you write academically, professionally, or creatively, we’ll help make sure your documents are as impactful as possible.

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What services do we offer to Leicester writers?

As Leicester’s leading online English proofreading and editing company, we endeavour to offer as many services as possible to the writers of the city. That means we’ll gladly help you with writing of an academic, business, creative, or even personal nature, and we’ll do it in time to meet almost any deadline, with turnarounds ranging from three days to three hours or even less.

  • Do you study at the University of Leicester or De Montfort University? There’s a significant amount of pressure involved in composing a high-quality mathematical logic dissertation or literary theory paper, which is why we’ll help you by touching up the grammar, clarity, and style. We’re fast, too, so you don’t have to worry about your approaching due dates.
  • Are you the owner of a Leicester-based business? We’ll elevate any type of corporate writing you may require, from business reports to website copy. And if you’re a professional looking to expand your career, we’ll also upgrade your CV. From Leicester City Centre to Clarendon Park, businesspeople all over Leicester can benefit from our services.
  • Are you a novelist penning the next bestseller? No matter what the content of your book, we’ll help you paint it in an engaging and compelling light by improving your grammar, style, and vocabulary choice. And then, when we’re done, we can even help you publish.
  • Despite being an English city, only about 70% of Leicester’s inhabitants speak English as a first language. However, the remaining approximately 30% is by no means left out of the scope of our services: Whether you speak Gujarati, Punjabi, Polish, or another language, we’ll help give your English writing a native-speaker polish.
  • We’ll edit almost anything else you wish to have reviewed, too: From emails to blog posts, we won’t let typos ruin your writing, no matter what it is.

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You can place your trust in us.

We promise not to let you down. Considering that our English native-speaking proofreaders and editors come from around the UK as well as the wider Anglophone world, such as the US, Canada, Australia, and Ireland, and have already accumulated many years of experience writing, editing, and proofreading professionally, we’re confident that they form an unbeatable team. The best part, though, is that each one of our editors has successfully passed the rigorous proofreading examinations all candidates must undergo. Passing is so rare—only 0.33% manage to do so—that we know we’re hiring only the best in the proofreading industry.

In other words, no other proofreading service can better serve the more than 348,000 scholars, professionals, copywriters, novelists, and others in Leicester, as well as nearby cities such as Birmingham, Sheffield, and Nottingham. We promise to not only make your document dazzle, eliminating grammatical errors and ambiguities as well as refining the style, but we’ll also have it back to you blazingly fast.

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