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Improve your writing with professional proofreading services.

Whether you need novel editing, academic proofreading, business copy editing, or a complete resume review, the editing team at will help you produce your best work. As the leading online English proofreading service in the Middle East, we work with authors, businesspeople, and academics across Saudi Arabia, from Mecca to Al-Ahsa. The quality of your writing affects your professional reputation, so send your documents to our expert editing team to ensure your writing receives the respect it deserves.

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As native US, UK, Australian, Canadian, and Irish English speakers with backgrounds in professional writing, editing, and proofreading, our expert proofreaders and editors excel at what they do. We hire only one out of every 300 editing applicants, choosing only the best for our team by requiring each person to complete a series of challenging tests.

Our professional editing team works within tight turnaround times to help clients express their written ideas clearly and effectively. In other words, we are the best online English editing service available to the more than 32,000,000 authors, businesspeople, professors, and graduate students in Saudi Arabia looking for quality, rapid proofreading services.

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We offer the right editing services for your needs.

No matter where you live in Saudi Arabia—whether in Ta’if, Medina, Khobar, or Buraidah—or what your editing needs are, we are confident that our professional proofreading team can improve your writing.

  • Is your first novel ready for final edits? Send your manuscript to our thorough proofreaders.
  • Do you need a second pair of eyes to look over your thesis? Whether you study or work at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSU, or King Abdulaziz University, we can edit your econometrics essay, business law dissertation, and other academic materials.
  • Do you speak English as a second language are you’re nervous about your writing skills? With over 32,000,000 people, it's no surprise that Saudi Arabia doesn't only include those who speak Arabic as their first language. If you speak Korean or Chinese most of the time, we can help you with your English documents. We regularly help ESL writers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, and Sultanah.
  • Does your marketing pamphlet, landing page text, or white paper need to be proofread in 12 hours? Maybe you’ve just written an important email you need checked for typos. We work with professionals across Saudi Arabia, from Hofuf to Jeddah.

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We want you to be confident choosing our proofreading and editing services. That’s why we offer a free sample of our work. Click below to send us a writing sample, and enjoy a nap in the shade while we edit it.

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