Getting Published: Put a Ghostwriter in Your Corner When Navigating the Publishing World

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We no longer nervously snail-mail faceless agents and formidable publishing houses, but that doesn’t mean it is any easier to get published these days. Budding writers are exploring a whole new frontier of publishing options, a wild, challenging one. Have no fear, though: There are strong allies out there, a ghostwriter being of particular value. 

Aside from writing your memoir or business masterpiece, a ghostwriter can assist you in developing a viable publication plan, setting realistic expectations, and navigating the complex book marketplace. This is tremendously helpful for just about any author. 

Selecting a publishing option

The publishing world now offers writers multiple options for authorship, but all come with benefits and drawbacks. Even if you can sum up your publishing knowledge as just “a third-grade Scholastic book fair,” it doesn’t mean a published book can’t be part of your future. Your ghostwriter can fill in the gaps in your knowledge and help you navigate the publishing industry jungle. 

Ghostwriters can advise on the best publishing path for a given author and resources. Depending on their background, they may have a feel for a book’s potential to attract literary agents and publishing houses. Traditional publishers like Macmillan are challenging to win over, so a specialist is a boon, and having someone with the right connections and knowledge fighting for you may save you loads of time and stress. 

A writer experienced in self-publishing might be well-versed in the complexities of creating a finished product and garnering a virtual audience. You might think that publishing an eBook is as simple as uploading some files to Amazon, but in truth, crafting and distributing a book is an art. It’s a process you can’t take lightly if you want your book to succeed. A knowledgeable ghostwriter can also shed some light on more obscure publishing terms and suggest noteworthy publications and industry events, all of which can be invaluable to a first-time author. 

Building up your literary contacts

A ghostwriter can provide a wealth of information, such as publishing advice and helpful strategies they've witnessed in action. They may have a little black book full of useful contacts, and connections are priceless in the publishing industry. With these, they may be able to make introductions, offer helpful references, and point out agents or publishers who fit your concept and aspirations. 

Some ghostwriters include such assistance in their fee, while others charge separately for it. Your ghostwriter might strongly prefer only to write the book or proposal. It is important to establish your expectations from the beginning; if your ghostwriter isn’t interested in providing help with publishing, you might want to look for someone else. 

Getting your book in salable shape

Publishing houses and Amazon algorithms don’t suffer poor books. Publishers won’t consider them in the first place, and these works will sink into the deepest pits of obscurity in eBook stores. The best ghostwriters know what audiences and publishers want to see in a specific genre and will produce a text that keeps readers interested. 

In self-publishing, this salability is beneficial; in traditional publishing, it's essential. 

Professional publishers are fastidious when they take on new authors, usually only considering those represented by a literary agent. With many categories, especially non-fiction, interest depends on a strong book proposal, which has its own requirements and nuances. An experienced ghostwriter will understand how to craft this, and since a book proposal is key to getting your work published, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to leave this critical job to an expert. 

A slam dunk?

As some authors will tell you, “Every book is a fluke.” However, a ghostwriter can be an exceptionally useful person to have in your corner beyond the writing stage. From a crash course on the publishing world to potential connections, a ghostwriter can be an asset through the entire creative process, and you may easily feel like you’ve gotten far more than your money’s worth. Get in touch with us to learn more about what a ghostwriter can do for your business or memoir.

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