Ghostwriters Make Your Writing Skills Less Important Than You Think

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Maybe it seems like every time you work on your marketing book, a ghost swoops in. Not a benevolent muse, but the sinister phantom of an English teacher flooding your essay with red ink. Perhaps she was right about your prose, but she was wrong about you never becoming a writer. There are plenty of reasons why mediocre writing abilities can’t stop you from achieving success as an author.

Catching a case of writer’s block 

Writers get stuck for many reasons. Perhaps whenever you sit at your desk to type, all you see are the red squiggles and grammar flags. Little by little, all those fabulous ideas that made you want to write seem to become grotesque. They sounded so good in your head, so why do they feel so atrocious on paper? Before long, it’s like a backward “March of Progress” picture. Yikes, your grammar is awful! Your outline resembles a Fibonacci sequence and makes about as much sense as those numbers make to a layperson. 

Content is always the core

That’s only the surface. The guts of your book are the ideas inside you. They may sound clunkier and more discordant when you put them on paper, but the important thing is that you do it. You can always edit. In fact, you can let someone edit for you (and you should since it’s difficult to spot your own mistakes). Still, the ideas come from you. The content is paramount. You’re the expert with enough knowledge to fill a book, and that’s precisely the reason you can write one (with a bit of help). 

Now, a first draft is not a beauty contest entrant; a published copy is. No one needs to know how awful your first draft was because all they’ll ever see is the nice, crisp, clean final draft in all its published glory. People will abandon a poorly written book after the first chapter, but you have ways around that! 

Outsourcing the delicate work

You don’t have to be the next Faulkner to pen a book. Take a stab at that rough draft and make it a vessel for your ideas. This is the stuff you can’t delegate since no one else can have your ideas for you. You can always hire an editor to pull up the weeds and trim the garden. 

However, if you have a tangled forest of great ideas, outsource to a ghostwriter. The story will always be yours—you’re simply hiring a professional to put the words on the page. A ghostwriter is a great investment because they can take your ideas, give them an eloquent voice, and even help you get published. You’ve already done the heavy lifting. 

A third option is to hire a ghostwriter to extensively interview you and write it all from the get-go. This way, you never even have to put pen to paper, and that phantom of your high-school English teacher can’t pop up to haunt you.

Are ghostwriters worth it? Along with paying for peace of mind, you’ll have a completed book crafted by a professional. You can earn more with speaking fees and consulting, not to mention that your fanbase will grow. Plus, you can now say you’re an author. 


Next time you think about your book, you don’t need to fear the text not flowing or reading smoothly. All that worry has only been holding you back. Let it go and stop justifying your procrastination because there’s no need. You’ll save a lot of time, stress, and even cash with a ghostwriter. In return, you get to see your book read and enjoyed, and people will benefit from the content only you could create. Time for a follow-up yet? 

Whether you have a memoir or a business magnum opus in mind, reach out to our talented ghostwriting team to see how we can help. 

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