Ghostwriting and eBooks: A Match Made to Last

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Nowadays, every health guru, financial wiz, and lifestyle coach seems to have an eBook out. Some have entire stables of them! Services like Amazon Kindle have made it simple for even laypeople to type out an eBook and publish it online all on their own. However, it takes a bit more than that to be successful. In the current digital world, the way we consume media has evolved. While eBooks are unlikely to replace printed books, they are outselling them. 

Another part of the eBook wave is the ghostwriter. Ghostwriters can be immeasurably valuable in taking your book (and thus your reputation) from laudable to legendary. Don’t worry—relying on a ghostwriter isn’t cheating. In fact, many of the nonfiction books you’ve read were probably written by one. If you want to share your life story with the world or cement your standing as a thought leader, reach out to our ghostwriting team for expert help with your project

What counts as an eBook? 

An eBook is a book created in digital form. Since they’re read on electronic devices (Kindles, tablets, or phones), eBooks are usually shorter than the ones you find at Barnes & Noble. That said, an eBook can be of any length. When it’s just a few pages, every word counts, along with clarity.

As eBooks reach so many people, professionals can get a huge boost in followers with a successful one. An entrepreneur can build their brand and promote their services, an expert can share their deep knowledge, and a public speaker can strengthen their relationship with the audience. Some people want to tell a compelling story, either personal or fictional. Many consider an eBook a potential source of passive income. Others treat eBooks as part of their marketing strategy, using them to direct potential new customers to their main enterprises. The difference between a sellable eBook and one that lacks appeal is quality. 

How to make your eBook successful 

What separates the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to eBooks? Just because everyone’s churning them out doesn’t mean each one is good

Plenty of eBooks never stand out. They’re sloppy, trite, illogical, or a mixture of all three. Readers can smell a phony. Typos, awkward wording, and jumbled ideas will turn them off. Because of the digital format, it’s easy to click away and move on to something else—there’s no shortage of options. In the worst case, readers will be annoyed enough to leave bad reviews. If you have people interested in your business, story, or expertise, a poor-quality eBook is a disappointment and can even deal a serious blow to your reputation. 

What happens when you bring in a professional? A ghostwriter can take your voice and ideas and give them wings. Long, ambiguous passages can turn into snazzy points of needle-like precision. Your nuanced perspective can be translated into concise and thought-provoking paragraphs. In some ways, reading is like downloading a file, and today’s audience doesn’t want dial-up. In a field where readability and content are crucial, a ghostwriter can make your eBook stand out.  

The best part is that a ghostwriter can do all of this while telling your story in your voice. That’s right—through interviews, the ghostwriter gets to know you, carefully studying how you talk and think and taking note of expressions you like to use. When they get down to writing, they leverage their skills to craft your story just as you want it told.

Do you really need a ghostwriter? 

An eBook can generate more income, expand your audience, and tell your story. However, if it’s not any good, it will hardly sell. It could even hurt your brand with poor reviews. Don’t take that risk. It’s well worth investing in a ghostwriter who can craft an eBook that will excite readers and leave them wanting more.

If you want to learn more about putting out a great eBook, check out how our ghostwriters can help business leaders or individuals with fascinating personal stories to tell

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