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Hebrew is a language like no other. Originally dying as a spoken language between 200 and 400 CE, Hebrew carried on as a liturgical and literary language, eventually experiencing a large-scale resurrection in the late 19th century. Now boasting 5 million native speakers and 4 million additional second-language speakers, Hebrew is the only example of a truly successful revival of a dead language, and that makes it extremely special.

Israelis are proud of their language, and though many Israelis may speak English, Arabic, or Russian to some degree, they far prefer material in Hebrew. So, if you’re looking to cater your business, academic, literary, or other materials to the Israeli community, professional Hebrew translation services are a must. And if you’re a Hebrew speaker who wants to branch out of Israel, the only way forward is to hire a professional Hebrew translator. Luckily for you, our skilled Hebrew translators can cover both scenarios, giving you the freedom and flexibility to translate your project how you want.

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Entrust Your Hebrew Translation Project to True Professionals

Having been revived roughly 1500 years after its initial death, Hebrew is different from a lot of modern languages. It’s a Semitic language like Arabic or Amharic, and it’s the only surviving language on the Canaanite branch. Like all Semitic languages, its word roots consist of three consonants, which are modified—e.g., vowels added, consonants doubled, etc.—to add meaning. The word order, although generally subject-verb-object like in English, is somewhat free, with alterations changing the nuance of sentences.

Hebrew uses its own writing system, which, like the Arabic script, reads from right to left. It is classified as an impure abjad—traditionally, only consonants were written, but in Modern Hebrew, diacritics indicating vowel sounds are commonly added. Such a writing system complicates the language and makes it harder to learn, read, and translate. But for Hebrew translation experts like the ones on’s Hebrew translation team, it’s no problem.

Here Are Some Examples of Our Hebrew Translation Services

  • Academic papers. A prestigious language like Hebrew contains myriad academic papers, and our Hebrew translators are here to help Hebrew scholars share their academic discoveries with the world. Simultaneously, if you’re a foreign academic looking to break into the Hebrew academic scene, we can help you with that, too.
  • Business materials. Israel boasts a strong Middle Eastern economy with a booming tech sector, making it a hotspot for international companies looking for a lucrative new market. If you want to cater to Israelis, our Hebrew translators can turn your business plan, product descriptions, customer reviews, and ads into natural-sounding Hebrew. For Israeli businesses, we offer the same high-quality translations out of Hebrew.
  • Online content. As more and more of Israel goes online, the importance of Hebrew-language digital content grows. Israelis appreciate and offer their loyalty to websites, software programs, apps, and games that invest in high-quality Hebrew translations. Our translators can also help Hebrew native speakers translate their digital content out of Hebrew for an international readership.

At, we’re passionate about high-quality Hebrew translation. We take pride in our careful and meticulous work, accommodating our clients’ unique needs while delivering reliable and accurate translations. Time is no object—if you need your translation back quickly, we can manage our time to deliver your carefully rendered translation punctually. So, whether you’re in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or New York City, if you need Hebrew translation services, we’re your team.

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