Hiring a Ghostwriter: Advantages for Businesspeople

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It’s no secret that writing and publishing a book can make businesspeople appear more knowledgeable, credible, and professional, cementing their position as thought leaders in their industry. A book can also boost their brand and direct more attention to their company or website, which can result in new clients and deals. This makes writing a book an impactful investment for savvy businesspeople.

You might have insightful ideas and a powerful message to share with the world, but what if you lack confidence in your writing skills or simply don’t like to write? In addition, as a businessperson, you probably don’t have much time to sit down and author a book. How then can you get your thoughts into book form? How do so many other business leaders do it?

Your answer may be to hire a ghostwriter, the surefire solution that countless of your peers have already chosen. Ghostwriters are professionals who work with you to get your book written, taking responsibility for the delicate task of weaving your words into a cohesive and engaging narrative. If you are an aspiring author in need of a ghostwriter, discover more about how we can help.

How can a ghostwriter help me?

If you’re a businessperson, hiring a ghostwriter to relay your story could be one of the smartest moves you make as a professional. Writing a book can help build up your business and assert your authority in your industry. By hiring a ghostwriter, you save precious time to dedicate to your work while entrusting your manuscript to a true professional. Check out the benefits below.

You take credit for the book. Even though the ghostwriter puts the words on the page, they are your words. You provide the ideas and themes, and the ghostwriter collaborates with you to ensure they are speaking in your voice.

When the book comes out, YOUR name is on the cover; the ghostwriter’s doesn’t appear anywhere unless you want to acknowledge them. You take all the credit for what’s in the book. You don’t even have to mention that you used a ghostwriter. You can also have your collaborator sign an NDA, legally prohibiting them from disclosing their involvement in the project. 

You may feel this is unfair to the ghostwriter, but look at it this way: You are hiring them and paying them handsomely to do the job. If they weren’t satisfied with the contract terms, they wouldn’t have signed on the dotted line.

They do the hard part. A ghostwriter will typically interview you to understand your concepts, ideas, and personality. After that, they will construct your outline and story and check in with you to make sure you approve of the result. Even though they do all the grunt work of putting your ideas and stories together, you always have full control over the project and can request any changes you desire.

They take on the job of putting your story on paper. They are the ones skilled at grammar, spelling, transitions, and all other aspects of the book writing process. They also know how to infuse your voice into the writing and make it sound authentic. Remember, they are professional writers; this is what they do for a living, so trust their expertise to weave a great story for you while you focus on what you’re great at—your business.

You benefit from their experience. Not only do you get a professional writer but also a person skilled in other aspects of the business. Ghostwriters are proficient at outlining and revising as needed, and most are good at following timelines and meeting agreed-upon deadlines. Unless you ask for excessive revisions or significantly modify your expectations for the book, a professional ghostwriter can confidently meet your deadlines.

Although it probably isn’t included in their contract, some ghostwriters may have connections in the publishing industry, so they can give you sound advice and perhaps even help you score a publishing deal. This is huge because landing a publishing deal is rarely easy, even if you already have a completed manuscript.

You save time by hiring them. If you are a businessperson with ideas for a book, you’ve probably written a paragraph or two or sketched an outline of what you’d like to write about. How long ago was that? Why haven’t you written more? The likely answer is that you don’t have time. No wonder—you didn’t achieve professional success by lazing around.

Maybe you’re too busy running your company, so when you actually have time, you want to be with your family and friends or pursue leisure activities. This makes sense and is a compelling reason why you should look into hiring a ghostwriter. It may be the only way your book will ever get written, and you won’t even have to sacrifice much of your precious time.

Writing isn’t an easy task, and if you run a company, you probably won’t use your valuable time to write your book. Do what you do best—focus on your business while letting a skilled ghostwriter pen your book. If you are ready to see your words in print, find out more about our expert ghostwriting services.

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