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From hotshot entrepreneurs to Bilbo Baggins, everybody wants to write a book. It’s little wonder considering the tremendous benefits of a book for one’s personal brand. Yet, the world is full of abandoned and half-finished books: Inspiration alone does not a book make. Is it just procrastination? Perhaps the problem starts earlier. Maybe aspiring authors aren’t sure what their book should even be about.

Many people know a lot about something. They want to be known for knowing a lot about something. However, knowing enough about something to fill a book doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to write one on that topic. It takes planning and forethought from the very beginning. To help with this crucial first step, you might want to consider a ghostwriter for a business book or your memoir, which will ensure you get a coherent, cohesive, engaging, and professionally composed work.

Either way, here is a simple way to establish your book’s identity.

Make it your story and establish your credibility

You’re not writing Chevron’s operations manual. You’re more than a fancy byline or a smiling face on a book cover. People will connect with your service when they connect with you

What’s your backstory? Let your personality shine through with some life experiences and lessons. Show why people like you and note who had a huge impact on your life. How did you become a specialist in your field? What attracted you to it in the first place? Did you spend your childhood weekends playing soccer or Sonic the Hedgehog? Be raw, be real, be you. Be personable. Make your readers relate to you. If you don’t, nothing else you write will matter.

The ultimate goal is to establish your credibility, but people want to understand why you’re an expert. Not only that, but they also want to know what makes you an interesting person. Don’t forget that no matter how knowledgeable you are, if your book isn’t interesting, no one will want to read it. Here’s a tip: Pick stories and anecdotes that you can subsequently tie to your product or service. This will create a sense of cohesion.

Introduce your product or service

Now that the audience feels invested, you can showcase your product or service. You’re not a guest poster on a finance blog or a floating head selling a course. This is your time to shine. This book is all about you, and you can spotlight whatever you want.

Give your product an origin story. Why is it important to you? Why should people want it? This is a great time to work in impressive background details and insights that your readers will pay attention to because you already have them listening. Thus, you make your product more memorable and differentiate it from competing offers. People remember information better when they think they’ve learned something new, so explain your product in a direct, engaging way that the layperson will understand. 

Everybody likes a good testimonial, too. Ask your existing customers for permission to use theirs and pepper them throughout the book. Your early customers will probably get a kick out of seeing their names in print! This may also boost loyalty—if those rave reviews have already been immortalized in your book, it’ll be hard for competitors to wrestle them away from you.

Just remember: You’re bolstering your image as an expert, not making a sales pitch. This isn’t the time to talk about money or sales. Instead, make sure your readers know about your website and your presence on LinkedIn and similar platforms. These will offer details about your prices and terms, which could change down the line. Your book, however, stays evergreen.

Making it a reality

Hopefully, you feel inspired to take your book off the back burner. It can enhance your brand, demonstrate your credibility, and increase your following. With “author” next to your name, you can sell your book at events, get media coverage and interviews, and distribute it to affiliates and vendors. In other words, your book is an important investment that can do wonders for your business. It’s immensely helpful, but only once it’s a reality. 

If you’re interested in outsourcing or want help with completing your book, check out what our ghostwriters can bring to the table when you want to publish a business book or a memoir.

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