How to Determine if You Should Hire a Ghostwriter to Pen Your Book

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Deciding to use a ghostwriter for your book is a deeply personal choice. If you’re reading this, you probably have ideas that you believe would make an amazing book. Maybe you’ve even scribbled notes or written a paragraph or two. 

If you’ve been contemplating writing a book for years but haven’t done the actual work, it’s likely you’ll keep putting it off, perhaps indefinitely. In case you lack writing skills, can’t find the time, or simply hate writing, maybe you should consider the services of a ghostwriter. This will guarantee that your book does get written—and by a professional, no less.

Take a look at the steps below to determine if you should pen the book yourself or bring a ghostwriter on board. If you’re a CEO looking to share your business concepts or ideas or someone wishing to leave a lasting legacy for their family, discover more about how we can help.

Learn what a ghostwriter can do for you

In short, a ghostwriter’s job is to bring your book to life. Unless you choose to give them credit, they won’t be acknowledged in any way on the book cover or in the credits. You can even have your ghostwriter sign an NDA that forbids them from ever telling anyone they wrote your book. Don’t worry about the ethics of it—if the ghostwriter weren’t okay with receiving no credit, they wouldn’t have chosen this career. Most ghostwriters collaborate with you through the steps listed below.

  1. They meet with and interview you to get the basic ideas for your book and learn about you so that they can adequately capture your voice. Make yourself available to avoid delays and provide them with as much information as possible to ensure they can capture your vision.
  2. Unless you have provided one, they create an outline that you’ll be asked to approve. Approve or reject aspects of it as you see fit. Since it’s your book, you don’t need to feel shy about pointing out elements you don’t like.
  3. They begin researching (if needed) and writing your book.
  4. They check in with you at agreed-upon times so that you can make edits or give approval. Again, you always have the final say, so if you don’t like the way a chapter is going, be sure to communicate that to your ghostwriter.
  5. They provide you with a final copy for review, and you can request any changes you like.

Figure out if you want to be a writer or just share your ideas

Do you want your book written in your exact voice? Are you too attached to your ideas to hand them over to someone else? Do you want complete control over what is said? If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then you should author the book yourself. Should you decide to do this, you need to learn more about the writing process. You can do it by taking writing classes, reading books about how to write in your chosen genre, or hiring a writing coach to help you along your journey. Most importantly, you must be prepared to put in serious time and effort for your book to reach the publishing stage. If this isn’t viable, you’ll have to relinquish some of that control in order to make your book a reality.

If you have ideas you want to share with an audience but don’t feel the need or have the time to write the words yourself, consider a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters are professionals who work to understand your voice and develop your content. Most business leaders and memoirists simply want to get their thoughts and ideas out to readers, and they commonly hire a ghostwriter to do this. Working with a ghostwriter allows you to get your book out by a deadline and relieves you of the tremendous amount of time and effort it takes to complete such a writing project. Since ghostwriters emulate your voice, the book even sounds as if it were written by you.

Make sure you can afford a ghostwriter

Skilled ghostwriters don’t come cheap, but they deserve their paychecks. These professionals spend countless hours of their time interviewing you to understand your concepts and write the book in your voice. In this sense, they’re almost like actors. The best ones also have the writing talent and skills to create masterpieces.

If you don’t have the funds, you’re better off writing the book yourself. Depending on its length, it can cost you between $15,000 and $100,000 to hire a ghostwriter. Think of it as an investment. Often, you get your money’s worth. Don’t get tempted by the cheapest price as doing so can saddle you with a poorly written book or an unreliable ghostwriter, which you definitely don’t want considering that the published book will have your name plastered across the cover. Do your research and find an experienced ghostwriter that is best for you.

Determine if you have enough information for a book

If you have a bunch of ideas on paper but are now stuck, it could mean you don’t have enough information for a book or don’t know how to develop and expand it and connect your ideas. A ghostwriter can take what you have, talk with you to glean more information, conduct additional research, build upon and connect the details, and write your book. In short, they take your chaotic jumble of great ideas and organize them into a cohesive narrative that keeps readers glued to the page.

Only you can determine if a ghostwriter would be a good fit for you. One thing is certain—if you hire one, your book WILL get finished, so if you’re short on time, writing skills, or a desire to write, hiring a ghostwriter might be a good idea. In case you decide to work with a ghostwriter, take the time to find a professional who fits your style. Whether you are a business leader aiming to build your brand or someone hoping to share experience, knowledge, and insight with descendants, get started with the help of our expert team.

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