List of 308 Irregular Verbs in English

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In English, verb conjugation rules are more like guidelines - there are a huge number of verbs that don't follow them. Want some examples of irregular verbs in English? Check out this list of terms.
arise kneel overthrow slide
awake know overwind sling
backslide lay overwrite slink
be lead partake slit
bear leave pay smite
beat lend prebuild sneak
become let predo sow
begin lie premake speak
bend light prepay speed
beset lose presell spend
bid make preset spin
bind mean preshrink spit
bite meet proofread split
bleed miscast prove spread
blow misdeal put spring
break misdo quit stand
breed mishear read steal
bring mislay reawake stick
browbeat mislead rebid sting
build misread rebind stink
burst misset rebuild stride
buy misspeak recut strike
cast misspend redeal string
catch mistake redo strive
choose misteach redraw sublet
cling misunderstand regrind swear
come miswrite regrow sweep
cost mow rehang swell
creep offset rehear swim
crossbreed outbid relight swing
cut outbreed remake take
deal outdo repay teach
dig outdraw reread tear
disprove outdrink rerun tell
dive outdrive resell think
do outfight resend throw
draw outfly reset thrust
drink outgrow resew tread
drive outride retake typeset
eat outrun reteach typewrite
fall outsell retear unbend
feed outshine retell unbind
feel outshoot rethink underbid
fight outsing rewake undercut
find outsit rewear underfeed
fit outsleep reweave undergo
flee outspeak rewin underlie
fling outspeed rewind undersell
fly outspend rewrite underspend
forbid outswear rid understand
forego outswim ride undertake
foresee outthink ring underwrite
foretell outthrow rise undo
forget outwrite run unfreeze
forgive overbid saw unhang
forgo overbreed say unhide
forsake overbuild see unsew
freeze overbuy seek unsling
get overcome sell unspin
give overdo send unstick
go overdrink set unstring
grind overeat sew unweave
grow overfeed shake unwind
handwrite overhang shave uphold
hang overhear shear upset
have overlay shed wake
hear overpay shine waylay
hide override shit wear
hit overrun shoot weave
hold oversee show weep
hurt oversell shrink win
inbreed oversew shut wind
inlay overshoot sing withdraw
interbreed oversleep sink withhold
interweave overspend sit withstand
interwind overtake slay wring
keep overthink sleep write