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Kurdistan isn’t a sovereign nation—it’s split up across Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, with Iraqi Kurdistan acting as an autonomous zone. Nonetheless, the majority of ethnic Kurds are located in Turkey. The Kurds have an entirely different language from the Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish languages that dominate their countries, and they practice their own cultural traditions.

If Kurdistan were a sovereign nation, it would have roughly 33 million inhabitants who would engage in Kurdish cultural practices, beliefs, and folklore and speak their language as they saw fit. As it stands, Kurds are proud of their heritage and respond positively to material in Kurdish, so if you’re looking to spread a message to the people of Kurdistan, don’t translate into Arabic, Farsi, or Turkish. Speak to the heart of Kurdistan with professional Kurdish translation services.

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Prioritize Quality in Your Kurdish Translations

Kurdish is an official language in Iraqi Kurdistan, and though it may not be official in other areas of the Kurdistan region, it is still spoken by large swaths of people. Kurdish is an Indo-European language, making it related to English (and Farsi) and not Arabic or Turkish, but the similarities to English are certainly not evident to anyone but trained linguists.

Kurdish features ergativity, a tricky grammatical concept for English speakers to wrap their heads around. In ergative languages, the object of a transitive verb is marked in the same way as the subject of an intransitive verb. Sorani Kurdish, however, has a split-ergativity system, with the ergative system only used in the past tense. Kurdish verbs are complicated, too—verbs have two stems: present and past. Verbs are marked in various ways, featuring three tenses, two voices, two aspects, and four moods. Different dialects—the biggest being Kurmanji and Sorani—may exhibit major differences, which can further complicate translation. But if you hire seasoned professional Kurdish translators, like the ones on the ProofreadingServices.com Kurdish translation team, this challenge can be easily overcome.

Kurdish Translation Services for Any Documents

  • Have a business and want to expand into a Kurdish-speaking area? Engage your customer base by catering to their native language and culture, not by translating into Arabic, Farsi, or Turkish. Whether you need press releases, product labels, or promotional materials translated into Kurdish, we can handle it. We can also assist Kurdish businesses moving outward and establishing an international presence.
  • Are you a Kurdish researcher looking to take your work to the global stage? Our academic Kurdish translators can help. We’re well versed in translating Kurdish-language academic papers in any subject into professional, academic English, allowing Kurdish scholars to carve a name for themselves internationally. Simultaneously, we offer top-notch English-to-Kurdish translation services for international academics eying Kurdistan.
  • Do you produce creative content and want to spread it to different audiences? If you’re a Kurdish artist, we can translate your novel, short story, play, or any other work into English so the whole world can enjoy it. And if you’re an international creator, we can translate your poem, film script, video game, or anything else into Kurdish to help enrich the lives of the Kurdish people.

When it comes to Kurdish translation, trust the experts—amateur translation or machine translation is just a waste of time and money. Our Kurdish translation team is filled with seasoned experts with years of experience translating Kurdish. No matter what type of content you need translated, no matter what the subject is, and no matter what your specific needs are, our Kurdish translators can help you obtain the result you want. So, whether you’re in Erbil, Diyarbakir, Kermanshah, or Sulaymaniyah, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Kurdish translation experts.

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