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With Turkey’s population of more than 80 million, straddling the boundary between Europe and Asia on the Mediterranean Sea, this culturally rich country has built up a sizeable economy. Over the years, the Turkish economy has steadily risen to place Turkey among the largest economies in the world. Turkey is classified as a Next Eleven country—in other words, one of the countries expected to develop a major global economy over the 21st century.

Against this backdrop, it’s no wonder foreign businesses are clamoring to set up shop in Turkey and take advantage of this budding economy. And Turkish businesses are using Turkey’s favorable economic position to launch operations in the international market as well. Of course, considering the Turkish–English language barrier, professional Turkish translation services are necessary for either move. The Turkish translators at are experienced in all forms of translation and promise the utmost quality, no matter what type of translation you’re ordering.

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What Translation Challenges Does Turkish Present?

Turkish, the titular star of the Turkic language family, is the largest Turkic language in the world, boasting more than 85 million speakers. Turkish speakers are found primarily in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, but smaller communities can be found throughout the Balkans and in countries like Germany.

Turkish is an agglutinative language, which means it glues together morphemes, such as affixes, to express grammatical information. Turkish frequently appends multiple suffixes to a single word, often creating sentences with few long words. The language primarily relies on suffixes, with the only native prefixes used to intensify adjectives and adverbs.

Without grammatical gender, Turkish may sound simple, but the seven cases, whose markings differ depending on the phonetics of the noun, serve to complicate matters. This allows Turkish to construct different nuances through word order, although the default order is subject-object-verb. Turkish translators must be careful to transmit the nuances of such sentences thoughtfully. It takes significant experience, but fortunately, that’s precisely what the Turkish translators on’s translation team have.

Turkish Translation Services for Anyone

Looking to take advantage of our Turkish translation services? Here are some of the people who can benefit:

  • Foreign businesses expanding into Turkey or Turkish businesses going international. Conquering a new market requires a significant amount of localization, modifying your product or service to fit local needs and cultural norms as well as translating product packaging, advertisements, and employee contracts into the local language. Our Turkish translators can provide this essential service between Turkish and English, helping you grow your business.
  • Turkish academics hoping to publish internationally or foreign scholars conducting research in Turkey. Turkey boasts a rich academic scene, but academic collaboration between Turkey and the rest of the world is limited by the language barrier. Let our Turkish translators help you translate your journal article, dissertation, or research questionnaire to or from Turkish to help you achieve your scholarly goals.
  • Turkish website administrators aiming for a global reach or international software developers in need of Turkish localization. The Internet is a global place, and translating your content into English can help maximize its reach. But one must also consider the huge number of people who don’t speak English—or who are simply more comfortable in their native language. We can help you globalize into English or localize into Turkish, depending on your needs.

When you order Turkish translation services from us, you get guaranteed quality—no machine translation, ever. Already, clients from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, and elsewhere in Turkey and around the world have trusted our translators to bridge the communication gap for their promotional documents, research papers, website copy, and more, and we’re eager to help you achieve the same results.

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