List of 500 Adjectives to Describe a Person

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Need some descriptive words? Here's a list of adjectives to describe a person.
able disruptive leery self-disciplined
abnormal distant lethargic selfish
above-average distraught level-headed sensible
absent-minded distrustful listless sensitive
adaptable dowdy lithe sentimental
adventurous dramatic lively serene
affable dreaded local serious
affectionate dreary logical sharp
agile drowsy long-winded shaved
agreeable drugged lovable shiny
alert drunk lovelorn short-tempered
amazing dull lovely shoulder-length
ambitious dutiful loving shrewd
amiable dyed loyal shy
amicable dynamic maternal silly
amusing eager mature sincere
analytical earnest mean skinny
angelic easygoing meddlesome sleepy
apathetic efficient mercurial slender
apprehensive egotistical methodical slicked-back
ardent elderly meticulous slight
artificial elfin middle-aged slim
artistic emotional mild sloppy
assertive energetic miserable slothful
attentive enterprising modest slovenly
attractive enthusiastic moronic slow
average evasive morose smart
awesome even-tempered motivated snazzy
awful exacting musical sneering
balanced excellent naive snobby
bald excitable nasty sober
balding experienced natural sociable
beautiful exuberant naughty somber
beefy fabulous neat sophisticated
below-average fair-minded negative soulful
beneficent faithful nervous soulless
big-boned fastidious nice sour
bleached fearless noisy spiky
blue ferocious normal spirited
blunt fervent nosy spiteful
boisterous fiery numb spotty
brave flabby obese stable
bright flaky obliging staid
brilliant flashy obnoxious steady
broad forceful old stern
broad-minded frank old-fashioned stocky
buff friendly one-sided stoic
burly funny optimistic stooped
callous fussy orderly stout
calm gangly ostentatious straight
candid gelled outgoing straightforward
cantankerous generous outspoken striking
capable gentle overweight strong
careful ginger passionate stunning
careless gloomy passive stupid
caustic gluttonous paternal sturdy
cautious good paternalistic subtle
charming good-looking patient sulky
cheerful gorgeous paunchy sullen
chic greasy peaceful supercilious
childish great peevish superficial
childlike gregarious pensive surly
chubby greying persevering suspicious
churlish groggy persistent sweet
circumspect grouchy persnickety sympathetic
civil guarded petite tactful
clean hairy petulant tactless
clean-shaven handsome philosophical talented
clever hardworking picky tattooed
close-cropped hateful pierced testy
clumsy hearty pigeon-toed thinking
coherent helpful pioneering thirtyish
cold hesitant placid thoughtful
communicative honest plain thoughtless
compassionate hot plain-speaking tidy
competent hot-headed playful timid
composed humorous pleasant tired
conceited hypercritical plucky tolerant
condescending hysterical plump touchy
confident idiotic podgy tough
confused idle polite tranquil
conscientious illogical popular ugly
considerate imaginative positive unaffected
content immature potbellied unassuming
convivial immodest powerful unbalanced
cool impartial practical uncertain
cool-headed impatient prejudiced uncooperative
cooperative imperturbable pretty undependable
cordial impetuous proactive understanding
courageous impractical proficient unemotional
courteous impressionable proud unfriendly
cowardly impressive provocative unguarded
crabby impulsive prudent unhelpful
crafty inactive punctual unimaginative
cranky incisive quarrelsome unmotivated
crass incompetent querulous unpleasant
creative inconsiderate quick unpopular
critical inconsistent quick-tempered unreliable
cruel indefatigable quick-witted unsophisticated
curious independent quiet unstable
curly indiscreet rational unsure
curvy indolent realistic unthinking
cute industrious reassuring unwilling
cynical inexperienced reclusive venal
dainty insensitive reliable versatile
decisive inspiring reluctant vigilant
deep intellectual resentful volcanic
deferential intelligent reserved vulnerable
deft interesting resigned warm
delicate intolerant resourceful warmhearted
delightful intuitive respected wary
demonic inventive respectful watchful
demure irascible responsible wavy
dependent irritable restless weak
depressed irritating revered well-behaved
determined jocular ridiculous well-built
devoted jovial ripped well-developed
dexterous joyous romantic well-respected
diligent judgmental rough well-rounded
diplomatic keen sad willing
direct kind sassy witty
dirty lame saucy wonderful
disagreeable lanky sedate young
discerning lazy self-assured youngish
discreet lean self-confident zealous